June 21, 2024

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Panam Sports » United States signs tickets to Paris 2024 with water polo gold

Panam Sports » United States signs tickets to Paris 2024 with water polo gold

The United States signs two tickets to Paris 2024 with water polo gold

The United States of America became champion in the women’s and men’s categories, confirming its dominance over the continent and its direct qualification to Paris 2024.

In a new show of strength in the water polo final, the USA routed Brazil 17-7, dominating extensively from the first quarter. The North Americans have completed eight consecutive titles and 14 gold medals in the history of this discipline at the Pan American Games. In total, the American team scored 149 goals throughout the competition, conceding only 34 goals.

“We are very excited. It’s another step towards medals in Paris. This will be my third Olympics, and we have a very good team around us. We have a good chance to win medals and bring gold to the United States. We want to take home a world championship and then get a win at the world championship and bring it to the Olympics. American Alexander Bowen said: “We want everyone to be afraid of us and prepare for us.”

With its eighth consecutive gold medal at the Pan American Games, the United States has qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. For its part, Brazil will have to try to enter the Olympic event through the Doha 2024 Swimming World Cup.

“As a program, USA Water Polo does an amazing job. “It’s great that we’ve won eight titles in a row and hopefully we can continue in Colombia in 2027,” Bowen said.

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The YACARÉS team was able to reach the podium

The Argentine team defeated Canada 12-10 and won a medal 60 years later, when it won the bronze medal in Sao Paulo in 1963. The historic match witnessed great intervention by the goalkeepers, especially Argentine Diego Malnero, who saved six decisive chances to achieve third place.

“There are 60 years, there are many generations, many generations who have come very close to achieving this. The bronze is not only for us, it is for everyone who tried it and for all the Argentine people,” said Diego Malnero.

The “Yacaris”, as the South American team is called, held on to the advantage they had built in the first two quarters to secure the victory and adjust the podium they had held with the United States, Canada and Brazil since the 2003 Santo Domingo Games.

He added: “It is very comforting, but there is nothing left to do but thank this team, which fought for every ball as if it were their last.” I have colleagues who wake up in the morning to do their first training shift, then spend the whole day at work or in the studio and come to train with us at night and combine it with the gym, so it’s a lot of pride. “Winning with these guys,” said Argentine captain, Tomas Echenique.

Written by Alfredo Albornoz and Fernanda Castillo