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Pav Quimata scored again, but Spain beat New Zealand

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Pau Quimada, from Lograno, is rushing to his last Olympics with his goal-scoring nose at full capacity. Athlete from La Rioja He scored the only goal for Spain in the first match against Argentina This Sunday he scored again in the crucial match against New Zealand, which ended in a 3-4 in favor of the ‘Kiwis’.

After a draw on the opening day, the national team is looking for a first win this Sunday, paving the way for the quarterfinals in Tokyo 2020. And if the game against Argentina wins the attack it is marked by defensive ability and against New Zealand it has grown into a scoring frenzy.

Genius advanced to the sea at the end of the first quarter, but was able to cope in 26 minutes through Spain’s Gonzalez de Costejan. The joy of the ‘Redsticks’ did not last long as Torrent again gave his team an advantage in the penalty corner in New Zealand’s next move.

The break allowed Spain to regain their composure and Pau Quemada found a penalty corner for his goal against Argentina, leveling the scoreboard. Things got even better when Bolt hit a heel after a penalty-corner (3-2), but Russell again scored one of the best goals of the day in the twelfth minute from the end of the game.

Pau Quemada sets the pitch 2-2.

Jack Smith returned home (3-4) at the end of the match with a 3’22 “absence for the Redsticks.

Pau Quimada ‘s next appointment to Spain was against India in the first match (3-2) against New Zealand at 3pm (Spanish time) next Tuesday (Spanish time), but lost drastically (1-7) in the second match to head Group A.

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