August 15, 2022

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Pellegrini asks Betis to renew Claudio Bravo

Pellegrini asks Betis to renew Claudio Bravo

The coach explained that the goalkeeper must renew, while giving the club the freedom to decide on the remaining players who terminate their contract.

Not only is the issue of the fakir’s renewal on the table, Ria Betis. In the heliopolitan entity, consideration has already begun on the next season’s lineup and which members will continue or not. and that is There are six players who entered this season in the last year of their contract with Verdblanco From the beginning of the year they will be able to start talks with other clubs. Joe Robles, Claudio Bravo, Andres Guardado, Camarasa, Tello, Joaquin They finish their contract in 2022, and we also have to add the tasks of Willian Jose and Hector Bellerin. The future of some seems clear, but the future of others is not.

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This has already been brought up with Manuel Pellegrini, who is immersed in all the questions about the staff. The Chilean coach knows the exact economic situation that the entity is going through and does not want to interfere in the decisions of Antonio Cordon, but he has set a condition: the renewal of Claudio Bravo.. For Pellegrini, the goal is key within the group and he has already made it clear that he wants him to continue the season that has been part of Verdeblanca’s discipline, as long as his fitness allows it. For the engineer, no matter how much he’s worth under the sticks, he’s a guy who helps him inside the locker room. He has more than enough experience to solve complex situations and helps boost the competitiveness and intensity the team has shown during these campaigns.

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It is practically his extension within the group. Participates to the fullest extent, he is responsible for setting the tactics of the opponents in the dressing room and to remember some key points in each game for the partner who participates in this aspect. His participation is so extreme that he is aware of even the possible statements of the opponent he touches to be able to motivate his own.

Above all, what Pellegrini loves most is his competitive gene. An example of this can be seen after the victory over Getafe, when the Chilean goalkeeper himself asserted that “this victory is already over here. Now you have to take it, throw it away and think about the next game. A statement that surprised and captivated the fans equally and was a reflection of what Betis aspired to.” A combination of aspects makes Pellegrini want the goalkeeper to continue to belong to the club for at least one more season.

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other meta status, Joel Robles, raises less suspicion. This season he has not been able to find accommodation even knowing that he will have no options to play. from the entity They do not intend to renew their relationship but rather they are thinking of being able to find a way out for him in this winter market.

Joaquin’s renewal will not have major complications if Puerto de Santa Maria decides to continue for one more season, although this is expected to be his last year. The rest of the cases constitute further analysis. The goalkeeper, Tello and Camarasa fulfill the contract and the performances they have shown during this season may be vital to the decision-making at the club.

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Of all this, the one thing Pellegrini, who has already revealed to the club, has made clear is that while Bravo’s level is not affected, the Chilean will be part of Verdeblanca’s squad for the 2022-2023 season.