June 25, 2022

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Peru 1-0 New Zealand goals and summary in 2022 friendly match | 06/08/2022

12:30 16 days ago

Thanks for joining us

12:26 16 days ago

The game is over

Peru beat New Zealand 1-0 in a friendly

12:25 16 days ago


4 minutes will be added to the match

12:18 16 days ago


It looks like the South Americans will win the last 5 minutes of the game

12:16 16 days ago


Peru are looking for a second goal with counter-attacks against their opponent

12:07 16 days ago


New Zealand tries to equalize but Peru is in control

11:59 16 days ago


Changes begin in Peru’s competition

11:51 16 days ago


New Zealand are trying to attack but it gets complicated when they reach the competitive part

11:51 16 days ago


10 minutes into the second half and the same rhythm of the match is maintained

11:50 16 days ago

Four. For

The match between Peru and New Zealand resumed with a 0-0 draw

11:19 16 days ago

Half an hour

The first half ended in a 0-1 draw between the two teams

11:18 16 days ago

Four. For

2 minutes will be added

11:17 16 days ago


The last 5 minutes of the closest match

11:07 16 days ago


Rehydration break and two technicians take advantage of the opportunity to send instructions

11:06 16 days ago


Peru tries to rearrange in the game after some good moments of attack

10:52 16 days ago


The game goes a bit slow with the rhythm of both teams

10:51 16 days ago


New Zealand retaliated and snatched the ball from Peru

10:44 16 days ago


New Zealand begin to see the big ball in possession while waiting

10:40 16 days ago


The game starts very evenly and with high intensity on both sides.

10:37 16 days ago

The competition begins

10:15 16 days ago

All set in Spain

10:10 16 days ago

Peru offers its XI for the match

16 days ago 9:59 am

The future for these choices

9:52 16 days ago

Ground this afternoon

Built and opened in 2009 in Barcelona, ​​Spain with 40,500 spectators, the RCDE Stadium will host the friendly.

16 days ago 9:45 am

Fight on target

Duel will have two experienced goalkeepers as Pedro Kallis, 32, of MLS, Orlando, while 30-year-old goalkeeper Stephen Marinovic will be in charge of avoiding goals.

16 days ago 9:40 am

Help the leaders

The South Americans have 3 players with 2 assists: Christian Cueva, Gianluca Lapadula and Miguel Draco, Payne 2 for the spectators.

16 days ago 9:35 am

The best goal scorers on each team

16 days ago 9:25 am

Want to see where and how Peru vs New Zealand

16 days ago 9:20 am

Take a look at this player from New Zealand

16 days ago 9:15 am

Consider this player from Peru

9:10 16 days ago

New Zealand last 11

20 Stephen Marinovic, 21 Tim Payne, 4 Nando Bijnecker, 5 Tommy Smith, 3 Francis de Vries, 8 Joe Bell, 10 Marco Stomenick, 6 Bill Duiloma, 15 Alex Greave, 9 Chris Wood, 17 Logan Rogerson.

9:05 16 days ago

The last 11 of Peru

1 (C) Pedro Gallese, Miguel Trauco, 22 Alexander Callens, 5 Carlos Zambrano, 17 Luis Advíncula, 13 Renato Tapia, 10 Christian Cueva, 19 Yoshimar Yotún, 8 Sergio Peña, 20 Edi9son Florescaula Giandson.

9:00 16 days ago

Known rivals who faced each other in the 2018 Russia rebase

16 days ago 8:55 am

New Zealand return to the World Cup

Oceania have no problem reaching the semi-finals provided by the federation, although the New Zealand team must play with great courage and heart to return to the World Cup finals from the South. Africa 2010.

8:50 a.m. 16 days ago

Peru wants to make the World Cup dream come true again

16 days ago 8:45 am

The two teams clash in the playoffs for Qatar 2022

Spain will see a friendly match between the two teams that will play in the playoffs for tickets to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, so this match is suitable for each of its participants.