July 5, 2022

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Colombia 2022 election results, live |  Colombia's ambassador to Spain resigns  Colombia presidential elections

Colombia 2022 election results, live | Colombia’s ambassador to Spain resigns Colombia presidential elections

For someone who is not Colombian, understanding the concept of Tosa is not easy. So it hurts. Or not to go into detail until he sees how others are suffering. It happened on the night of October 2, 2016, that Colombia turned its back on the peace agreement between the government and the FARC in a referendum. With an expensive difference, in a scant vote after a campaign full of inventions like the gender ideology promoted by the most rebellious Uribe…the hope of many people for something as abstract as the concept of peace has turned into infinitely obvious sadness. This Sunday, in the biggest turnout ever, millions of Colombians were finally able to celebrate around the convention. It is not unreasonable to believe, then, that the left’s greatest victory in Colombia’s history, as it happens with Tosas, was born out of denial.

The delayed victory of “yes” to peace is that Colombia, the country that lived through six decades of war, which brought down Jorge Elisir Gaetán, Carlos Pizarro, Bernardo Jaramillo and Luis Carlos Galán, elected a former combatant, no matter how many use the word as a disqualification factor Casting Fear: What was José Mujica, if not, what is Antonio Navarro Wolff? What was the Petro Mayor in Bogota himself? Because it is also a victory for peace in the deadliest country for the defenders of the earth, the next Vice President will be a black woman, environmental activist.

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