January 17, 2022

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Peruvian president vacancy proposal may not find support for debate - Escambrai

Peruvian president vacancy proposal may not find support for debate – Escambrai

The 52 votes needed for the proposal by three far-right minority tables to be debated by Congress in plenary on Tuesday are not sure.

Pedro Castillo. (Photo: PL)

Parliament Speaker, Maria del Carmen Alva, acknowledged on Monday uncertainty about supporting a vacant proposal by Peruvian President Pedro Castillo, and questioned it getting the votes needed for the debate.

In a television interview, Alpha said the 52 votes needed for a motion brought by three far-right minority groups to be debated by Congress in plenary on Tuesday were not certain.

He responded by avoiding responding to a demand by promoters of the vacancy, to dismiss Vice President Dina Bullwart, until Alpha takes over the presidency, an outcome similar to that taken over to the presidency in 2020 by Governor Manuel Merino. who resigned before the massive rejection against him.

The Congress leader acknowledged that the motion’s arguments could not include events subsequent to its submission, such as Castillo’s questioning of meetings outside the Government Palace or the filing of charges against his secretary, Bruno Pacheco, currently under investigation.

She argued that the Head of State should give explanations on these issues on a voluntary basis and asserted that as President of Congress she does not vote, when asked about her position regarding the vacancy, and said she did not think so among the 130 members of Congress. There are souls to be evacuated to Castillo.

Close to the leaders of the conservative sector of her party, the Popular Movement, such as the passing governor Merino, Alfa announced in an interview last September, a few weeks after Castillo took office, that “the street is demanding a vacancy” for the president.

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On the other hand, the leaders and legislators of People’s Action spoke with the President, and upon his departure, Party President Messias Guevara and Congressman Elvis Vergara were inclined to maintain governance and stability.

Guevara said he had suggested to the president that both the executive branch and Congress agree to find solutions to the great problems and needs of the population, and Vergara said Castillo recognized the need for corrections and changes in his administration.

Another centre-right party, Alianza para el Progreso, has announced that its assembly will vote on Tuesday against accepting the vacant proposal.