May 23, 2022

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Photos and videos from your Instagram feed will start taking up more space on your screen

Photos and videos from your Instagram feed will start taking up more space on your screen

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced that the photos and videos of the social network’s “feed” will begin to take up more space on the screen of devices to be used more efficiently.

Instagram hit the market on October 6, 2010. at that time, Devices that used to have a built-in camera and lower resolution screen configurations compared to the current ones.

The social network has proposed to renew itself and go hand in hand with devices that are still largely in effect As one of its most popular platforms. Mosseri explained on Twitter that videos on Instagram are now more embedded in their users’ homes and that the content shared on them is more “immersive.”

For this reason, Mosseri said the company will start trying to give “feed” photos and videos more space and prominence to make better use of the screen. This “experiment” will last for several weeks, which they will use to gather user feedback and feedback.

Mosseri confirms that Instagram intends to enhance the mobile experience of the social network by betting on a new way of watching Which, as other platforms like TikTok have already shown, can also be attractive to the user.

The most used social platforms and networks by Colombians

Social networks, as well as broadcasting platforms, among others, are used daily by millions of Colombians to communicate with their friends and family and for work issues, among other things.

For this reason, We Are Social revealed which networks and platforms are most used by Colombians, with YouTube taking first place in the ranking.

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According to the company, Video player app is used by 96% of people in the country.

Also, according to the Kinsta portal,At least 500 hours of video are uploaded to this platform every minute, which means there are over a billion hours More than half of them are downloaded via mobile devices.

In fact, the company’s study showed that mobile devices are the most used by Colombians to watch YouTube videos.

One of the reasons for that YouTube takes the all-new first It is the implementation of the so-called “short shorts” that seek to attract the attention of people, among whom are the youngest.

WhatsApp ranks second in the tablewith a usage rate of 94%, although this is not surprising, as it is the most popular instant messaging app in the country.

Also, according to the Infobae portal, Highlight the use of WhatsApp Bussines in businessWhich has witnessed a huge boom, especially for entrepreneurs who can showcase their products through this platform.

The third most used social network by Colombians is Meta, formerly known as Facebook, with a penetration rate of 91.7% although this number has decreased in recent years due to the emergence of other applications and means of communication and with all your efforts to stay current. to date.

At number four on the list is Instagram, also owned by Mark Zuckerberg, with the name Meta, With participation of 84.4%. Despite being very popular, it still struggles to survive and compete with others like Tik Tok. Implement other options such as reels and integrate other options such as filters and songs.

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In fifth place in the ranking came Tik Tok with a participation rate of 69.5%, as the news portal explains. This app has become a phenomenon with the exponential growth of downloads and will strive to continue growing in the list.

*With information from Europa Press.