June 16, 2024

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Jugadores reportan todo tipo de errores en Sonic Colors: Ultimate para Nintendo Switch

Players are reporting all kinds of bugs in Sonic Colors: Ultimate for Nintendo Switch – Nintenderos

We present an interesting collection starring one of the most anticipated titles by Nintendo Switch players. It is specifically about Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

In this case, we were able to find out the information about Technical performance of the game, which seems to result in many errors for some users. Others, on the contrary, assure that they did not make serious mistakes while playing.

Several clips have spread on social networks, like the one below. Very serious technical errors appear that seem to happen to some players. It is not known what conditions are necessary for their appearance, but the case has sparked a great deal of controversy and controversy in social networks, reports have been added that many of these failures are in fact not real and were produced with external tools.

At Nintenderos, we’ve been playing the title for over 11 hours to bring it to you Analysis And No error appears Like the one described in the message above. The same has been shared by other media such as Nintendo Life, which they mention They didn’t find these errors either. Finally, other users who already have the game share that they have not encountered similar technical problems, so it is not known what drives them to play.

Title Features Update version Which, in our case, we already applied to the address once the console detected it. However, it is currently unknown if it resolves errors such as viral bugs, so we must be attentive for more details.

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What do you think? You can find our full coverage of the game ahead of its official premiere, scheduled for September 7th, at this link.