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Tour of Spain 2021: Tour of Spain Live: Stage 21 Padrn – Santiago de Compostela

NSLike Tony Rominger. great day of Primoz Roglic V La Vuelta 2021LLink. Santiago de Compostela rider crown jumbo visma As champion for the third consecutive edition of the past grand tour From O. The single chrono shuts down the race with the leftovers going on of giving upSuperman“Lepez.

Tour of Spain live: stage 21, last day

ROGLIC is looking for his third comeback

Everyone is in disagreement. Primoz Roglic He’s the last cyclist to come out of the exit and seek a match Rominger. his third Back to Spain Continued. He also wants to win Santiago And a perfect race close.

Spain tour

Enrique Maas at work

The Balearic, the second in general, starts from Badern. He starts his last day and struggles to cut something off Roglic And wait for a fatal error to occur. Except for the disaster to reach the podium. in the meantime, Izagirre He is fifth in goal. keep driving Kurt Nielsen.

Fighting for podium

they leave from Badern Cyclists battle for third place on the podium, Jack Haig and Adam Yates. The British should cut one minute with the Australian.

Stored a lot

It was enough for him not to give up and comply with him. Michael Storer He testifies to his victory in the mountain classification. Plus two great victories and looking for other tournaments. A cyclist with a great future. in the meantime, Kurt Nielsen continue to send.

last 10

bit David de la Cruz and the top ten ranked in La Vuelta Already at work. The Spaniard will close a commodity Stone With several attempts to escape and approaching victory in jamoniteru.

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tears in eyes arrow. Sardinian flags in the sky of Compostela. in the capital Galicia I fired Fabio Aro is a cycling pro. The last profession of talent that marked the modern stage of cycling. Bye and thank you, Fabio!

Spain tour

Bahrain prepares before the battle!

The two lanes that were broken La Vuelta way of Castro de Herville de Mos They heat up in the minutes before they start. Jack Haig, 3 overall and in a fight with Adam Yates, Gino Maider, 5 and best youngster of the tour.

2 Arnsman is taking care of him

El Dutch del DSM He is the only knight who managed to put himself behind him in less than a minute Kurt Nielsen. It is placed second in the Workshop Ending a career in which he fought on all terrains. Another brave young woman.

Spain tour

It’s not a rest day

last day in Grand Tours – especially the Tour de France – It is usually considered a relaxing day. Well, I have time in between Badern and Santiago de Compostela Don’t allow it, it’s a cheat round. Steep slopes, uneven road surface and intricate layout ‘finishing’old area” Compostilana is a dangerous ingredient.

Kurt Nielsen breaks the chrono

Magnus Kurt Nielsen Every day of the year. dans keep flying La Vuelta The first chrono is placed after hitting Cerny in the target. A complete runner, he won by all means. Amazing performance. once again.

Fabio Aro’s last dance

Transalpine begins his last day as a professional cyclist. . winner La Vuelta, stages in the Big Three and in a brave spirit at all times. one of us.

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Spain tour

Temporarily sends Deceuninick

We already have our first time at the finish line. Cerny, who opened the watch, goes first because he is a good specialist. Also, other big names like Nelson Oliveira or Lawson Craddock Since then Badern.

Fabio Jacobsen champion of regularity

New lands arrive at Santiago cathedral Chrono ends. complete La Vuelta He also won the green jersey after adding three stages and knowing how to struggle in the higher mountain stages. The phoenix is ​​a cyclist.

Spain tour

La Vuelta del Movistar

The telephone set leaves for the chrono. Extra race for students Eusebio Onzo. podium for Enrique Mas, Victory at the Indian Gamoniteiru by Miguel Nigel Lopez, but also a Colombian abandonment To be remembered forever. Everyone can draw their conclusions.

Spain tour

The first contestants on stage

With Cerny, Corredor del Deceuninck-Quick Step And the Red Lantern of the race, the starting pistol is given to the final stage of La Vuelta. A long period prevents it from being a holiday for the latter in the general classification due to the time of the closure of the watch.

Profile and itinerary for stage 21 of La Vuelta

The last stage of the Spanish Tour has the main change of its location. Don’t be in Madrid Paseo de la Castellana Where you crown Primoz Roglic, but Santiago de Compostela and the enormity cathedral mark for the saint They will crown the Slovenian. To be a one-on-one battle against the clock, with a length of 33.8 kilometres, and with all the incentives of the always complex Galician roads.

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