June 16, 2024

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The Nation/INAN has provided tools to strengthen health services in the face of COVID-19

The Nation/INAN has provided tools to strengthen health services in the face of COVID-19

Businesses and organizations will now be able to pay their fees online to the National Institute of Food and Nutrition (INAN), which relies on the Ministry of Health, as it has a digital and decentralized payment system for managing health records.

This is possible after an alliance has been created with the Bancard processor, through its Mobile Payment application, and at the same time allows them to make payments through bank transfers and at Infonet Cobranzas points.

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Every business or food project must be up to date on RE and RSPA to continue operating. Photo: Archive.

This is possible because INAN has been working since December 2018 with the Integrated Food Record Management and Control System (SIGRA), the digital platform that is implemented to speed up the processes and procedures in front of the organization.

Hence, from now on, the facility history (RE) and food product health record (RSPA), as well as their updates and renewals, can be paid for through the mobile payment application.

The fees that can be paid using this new collection system will be the registration, update, renewal and re-examination of the RE, as well as the registration, update and renewal of the RSPA.

With the system, the entire process is realized online, without the need for the entrepreneur, small entrepreneur or interested party to travel from their home, office or food establishment to Asuncion.

To use the mobile payment service, the user only has to access the web or download the application on the mobile phone, register with their personal data, search the INAN service network, and there click on the “Pay SIGRA fee” option, with the settlement number, then choose the payment method, Which can be by debit or credit card.

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As long as users who wish to pay at Infonet collection points, they can do so at their own sites at any time of the day, using the means of payment: debit, credit in convenient installments through their own bank, check and / or cash.

In both cases, the goal is to avoid the formation of lines and decompress potential crowds of people, as well as to avoid transporting interested users to the headquarters of the INAN.

The enterprise will also achieve better results, process traceability, and users’ time efficiency, as all payments you receive from now on will be credited with a debit card in real time.