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Will Aracely Arámbula be in Season 3 of “Luis Miguel, the series”?  – free press

Will Aracely Arámbula be in Season 3 of “Luis Miguel, the series”? – free press

“Luis Miguel, Serial” Ready to return to Netflix with Diego Boneta as the role “The Sun of Mexico”, A story full of heartbreak, music and family dysfunction that has millions of fans of the artist with different expectations.

After two successful seasons, “Luis Miguel, Serial”, one last one will close its cycle. The production successfully sheds light on the show’s life of the singer.

In the last season, Luis MiguelYou will face new personal and professional challenges that threaten what you have built in more than thirty years in business.

In addition to Diego Bonita, the cast consists of returning actors from past seasons such as Fernando Gualar, Pablo Cruz Guerrero, Macarena Achaga, Juan Ignacio Cane, Juan Pablo Zorreta and Teresa Ruiz.

Joining this season is Jade Ewen, Plutarco Haza, Mauricio Abad, Sebastian Zurita, Alejandra Ambrosi, Miguel Rodarte, Carlos Ponce and Antonio Morey.

The third and final season will arrive exclusively on Netflix on October 28, which is a Thursday, so the dynamics of each episode premiering on Sunday will change.

Aracely Arámbula in the third season of Luis Miguel?

The possibility of seeing Aracely Arámbula in Season 3 of Luis Miguel La Serie is making a comeback with the new reveal of this production. So far, nothing has been confirmed, but some Mexican media are hinting that the new character “Carla” announced by Diego Bonita will actually be the Mexican actress.

Last April, with the start of Season 2, there was a lot to talk about about the Arámbula incorporation and everything indicated that it would be part of the Mexican production, despite the fact that the actress herself made it clear that her story with El sol de México wouldn’t be taken to fiction.

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Journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante revealed, via his YouTube channel, that Araceli will appear in the Luis Miguel series, because the artists have reached an economic agreement.

In December 2020, Aracely Arámbula stated in an interview that the love affair she had with the artist was like “El TItanic” and let it be known that if this fantasy is transmitted it must be by mutual consent.

“It was something so beautiful that I would like them to see it as it is, that is, when there is a couple it has to be by mutual agreement, because it was a great story if I told them, they wouldn’t believe… I don’t know, the writers always put the imagination on hold. I am an actress and I dedicate Myself for soap operas and there should always be a little imagination, drama and curiosity. Especially from such an important person. I like doing things well and I would like them to do them well,” added the famous “Scholl”.

As for her two children, Miguel and Daniel, the actress said: “As a mother, I’ve had the hard work because I had to jealously look after their image and privacy because as a mother I don’t like them to speculate and talk about our children.”

Some Mexican media announced that the latest information about Arámbula and his relationship with the series has to do with a comment made by the actress in the post of Sebastián Zurita, the actor who joined the third season as “Alex adult”, Luis Miguel’s brother.

“You are now your uncle,” the actress wrote in the post representing the new cast of the final season.

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