April 23, 2024

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Poloniex claims to know the identity of the hacker and is offering a $10 million reward

Poloniex claims to know the identity of the hacker and is offering a $10 million reward

Recently, cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex posted a letter to the hacker responsible for stealing over $100 million in digital assets from one of its wallets, saying that they have identified the person and are giving the perpetrators the opportunity to return the assets for a reward. With a value of 10 million US dollars.

Message on the chain subscriber By blockchain security company PeckShield on social media a Poloniex message to the hacker appears. According to the exchange, they have already confirmed the identity of the hacker. The exchange also highlighted that they are working with various law enforcement agencies from the United States, Russia, and China.

Furthermore, Poloniex stated that the stolen funds had already been identified and could not be used. Although the identity of the hacker was confirmed, the exchange gave the hacker the opportunity to return the funds before November 25 and receive a “white hat” reward of $10 million. However, if the money is not returned, the police force will take necessary action.

Poloniex on-chain message to the hacker. Source: Peak Shield

Although the message indicates that the hacker has been identified, some community members are not convinced by this new development. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), a community member He said The exchange would not need to involve police in three different countries and send the same message in 15 different languages ​​if the hacker was actually identified.

The hack occurred earlier this month when a cryptocurrency wallet belonging to Poloniex showed suspicious results. On November 10, several blockchain security companies determined that more than $100 million had been drained from the exchange’s wallet.

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In response to the attack, Poloniex disabled the wallet for maintenance. In addition, the exchange also offered a 5% bonus for returning funds. On November 15, the exchange resumed withdrawal operations after hiring a security audit company to improve the security of the exchange.

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