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Yon Gonzalez will continue to kill, although it will take some time to do so

Yon Gonzalez will continue to kill, although it will take some time to do so

In Spain, all that is needed to launch a successful series is to get… Yon Gonzalez Agree to star in it. His biography is eloquent: Boarding School, Grand Hotel, The Cable Girls…Amazon Prime Video spotted this trend and hired Gipuzkoan to do it Memento mori. Naturally, his roles as a hero are over. now, It’s Yon Gonzalez’s turn to kill.

Two weeks after its premiere, this series was still at the top of the most watched series in our country in the Amazon Prime Video catalog, beating series such as Jane F, Invincible Or homeland as well romantic. despite of The platform has not yet confirmed whether there will be a second season or not, There are plenty of reasons to believe this will be the case.And the popularity of the former is just one of them. On the other hand, there are also reasons to believe that there are at least two years until its release.

Still shot from “Memento Mori”
Amazon Prime Video

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Will there be a second season for Memento Mori?

The last broadcast episode leaves no doubt: the story of the sociopath Augusto will continue. Spectators Memento mori She left them a photo of Yon Gonzalez fleeing on a motorcycle In which Violetta, the girl whom the police used as bait to arrest him, also travels. It is worth remembering that This series is based on The first installment of the trilogy Verses, songs and pieces of meatWritten by Cesar Pérez Gileda. So it will be the title of its continuation Ira diesAnd it won’t be the final either.

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Which actors will be involved in season 2?

Unless Amazon Prime Video decides to bring in other actors to bring the central characters to life, Yon Gonzalez and Francisco Ortiz (Policeman Ramiro Sancho) It will remain at the forefront of history Memento mori. Who will not appear, in principle, will be manuela Felice, Since his character was killed off in the first season, though, he managed to sneak into the second batch of episodes thanks to a dream or flashback. For its part, the outcome of the series (despite the novel, of course) does not allow us to know whether Carabocha (Juan Ichanov) survived the accident or not. We’d rather not spoil it for you.

Juan Ichanov and Francisco Ortiz in Memento Mori
Juan Ichanov and Francisco Ortiz in Memento Mori
Amazon Prime Video

How long do we have to wait?

Considering that there has been no official confirmation yet from Amazon Prime Video since a year has passed between the filming of the first batch of episodes and their inclusion in the catalogue, it makes sense that a second season of the series will be shown. Memento mori It will not be released at the earliest before 2025.

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