June 20, 2024

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Water from the Earth’s surface transforms the outer layer of the core

Water from the Earth’s surface transforms the outer layer of the core

Researchers reveal surprising new evidence about Earth’s internal processes.
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Researchers in Arizona State University (Arizona, USA) and Yonsei University (Seoul, South Korea) presented in condition Published in Natural earth sciences the Research results that contribute to understanding the Earth’s internal processes.

This research was conducted by scientists at the College of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University Amazing results about the interaction between water on the surface of the planet and the Earth’s core.

The study reveals this Water entered the planet over a billion years through tectonic platesWhich leads to a chemical reaction that changes the outer layer of the liquid metal core.

Deep interaction at the core-mantle boundary

The researchers, led by Dan Shim, Taehyun Kim, and Joseph O’Rourke, conducted high-pressure experiments, which showed that Water seeping from the crust reacts chemically with nuclear material when it reaches the boundary between the core and mantleThat is, about 2896 kilometers below the Earth’s surface.

It causes this reaction Formation of a hydrogen-rich layerSilicone-free, which changes the core structure creating a thin, distinct layer.

The modified fluid layer is expected to be the least dense, indicating low seismic velocities, consistent with anomalous features mapped by seismologists. These results call into question the previous view of limited material exchange between the core and mantleThis indicates a global water cycle that is more complex than previously thought.

Dan Shim says:For years it was thought that the exchange of material between the Earth’s core and mantle was small. However, recent research has revealed a different story.”

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Global water cycle and geochemical impacts

The research advances understanding of Earth’s internal processes, suggesting a more comprehensive global water cycle. The changing underlying “layer” not only has implications for the geochemical cycles linking surface water to the deep mineral core, but also indicates the presence Dynamic interaction between the core and the mantlewith a large exchange of materials.

“These results, combined with our previous observation of diamond formation from the reaction of water with carbon in liquid iron under extreme pressure, suggest the presence of… A more dynamic interaction between the core and mantle, indicating an intense exchange of materialsDan Shim says.

The research was conducted by an international team of geologists He used advanced experimental techniques at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory and at PETRA III Subordinate German Electron-Synchrotron from Germany. These facilities were crucial To reproduce the extreme conditions of the boundary between the core and the mantleThis allows direct observation of chemical and structural changes caused by water.

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Henceforth, these tests are known to be revolutionary Not only does it change the understanding of Earth’s internal geodynamic processes, but it also highlights the importance of advanced research. And international cooperation to uncover the deep mysteries of our planet.

Global water cyclewhich is now recognized as being more complex than previously thought, It promises to enhance research in the medium and long term About the interconnectedness between the Earth’s surface and the deeper layers that make up our planet.

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