April 19, 2024

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Previous data on inflation and consumer confidence

Previous data on inflation and consumer confidence

The Investors Preliminary data for this week will be awaited from economic inflation In the Eurozone, the evolution of consumer confidence, the final release of IHS Markit manufacturing PMIs for March, while uncertainty continues due to the war in Ukraine. Also, another week the markets will be aware of how the war Russia against Ukraine And taking into account the fear of the Russian president, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Orders a chemical weapons attack.

Next Friday, April 1, the final data of the IHS Markit manufacturing PMI for March will be published, which predicts the consensus of analysts that in the eurozone it will remain at 58.4 points, in line with its preliminary data, as shown by one bank. Also on Friday, preliminary CPI data for the European monetary area will be released for March, estimating a slight moderation in its upward trend.

According to an iBroker analyst, Antonio CastilloThe markets will start the week with an analysis of the results of the European Council. Castillo specified that CPIs for Spain and Germany will be known on Wednesday. He stressed that the markets “will pay attention to any statement in the environment.” Federal Reserve (Fed) And everything related to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and its derivatives in relation to the prices of raw materials ».

On United States of AmericaMarket attention, as in the Eurozone, will focus on manufacturing PMIs, as well as employment and consumer confidence data for March. Similarly, Tuesday’s consumer confidence data was released by Conference Board. Already on Friday, the unemployment rate for March will be known. Later, the final data from IHS Markit Manufacturing PMI and ISM Manufacturing.

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in the area Asia PacificAfter confirming this week that China’s central bank kept its one-year loan rate unchanged at 3.70%, investors’ attention will turn to Japan’s February unemployment rate. In addition, the main indicators of China’s PMI will be released this week, from the National Bureau of Statistics and Caixin.