June 28, 2022

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Crónica del SmackDown del 21 de enero de 2022.

Promises prevail and interfere

Seth Rollins achieved a very important advantage before the Royal RumbleOr, at least, it seems. Everything can change, we know what WWE is like and especially Roman Rings. The Usos family opened the show with their cousin to celebrate the 508th anniversary of the “tribal chief’s” rule. It is the longest tenure in the company And while they were talking about him, Seth Rollins enters the scene. He emphasized that the merit belonged to the heroes in pairs, because they always saved Roman. So, He requested that they not attend his Royal Rumble match (January 29). Reigns accept on one condition, if they lose (Kevin Owens joins the party to help Seth) The fight between the two has been cancelled. The duel was very gentle and vibrant… and when “Freakin” was about to end, Reigns got in the way and With the “Superman Punch” he defeated the person who would be his rival. Victory by stripping and showing strength… and left without the help of his cousins.

On the other hand, he is still severely affected Naomi. She had a rematch against Charlotte Flair, and she’s an expert at seizing her moment. He did it again. It benefited this time because as soon as “Figure 4” closed, Sonya Deville rang the bell. It’s the power and it has immunity… or not, because Eric Bischoff entered the scene and scolded Sonya. It didn’t stop there and he set up a match between Deville and Naomi next week. We’ll have to see what the excuse for the first discoveries is now. While, Sami Zayn He was responsible for continuing to promote the presence of Johnny Knoxville, co-founder of Jackass in the Royal Rumble battle royal. As for the fight, Kofi Kingston se imposed madcap moss, Vikings invaders (Eric and Ivar) to Lotharius (Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo), seamus to throwback and Aliyah To Natalia, by disqualification after Natalia did not stop hitting her opponent when the referee asked her to. At the end of the lawsuit, Xia Li She entered the ring, knocked out Natalia and challenged Alia.

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