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Pu Cuarón, daughter of Alfonso Cuarón, made her debut as a singer.  This is a video sponsored by Emmanuel Lubezki

Pu Cuarón, daughter of Alfonso Cuarón, made her debut as a singer. This is a video sponsored by Emmanuel Lubezki

Emmanuel Lubezki is the director of videography (Youtube Bu cuarón)

bo quarton, The daughter of Alfonso Cuaron, she made her official debut on February 21 as a singer Youtube. But the surprise was not only this, but that the young woman directed her own official video and was sponsored by her Emmanuel Goat Lubezki, Who served as director of photography.

The song with the name vice versa Soon, I started collecting comments and many netizens reacted to the melody and clip.

“I already have the chorus in my head and the video is really good.” “Proud of you”. “I liked it” are some of the first signs that come up.

In the clip, you can see the young woman on a balsa floating in the middle of the ocean, while the melody plays in the background. Cuarón's daughter wears a red shirt and hat and in a very cinematic aesthetic environment fights the sea current that drags her under at one point.

Curated by Chivo Lubezki in photography direction Credit: Youtube Bu Cuarón

Although it billy goat He was the director of photography, and Poe directed, edited, and was responsible for the color of the video.

Hours before the clip was published, Alfonso Cuaron showed it from his own account Instagram All support for his daughter and after the tune was premiered Spotify Share his stories Instagram.

Tess Beau QuaronShe is the 20-year-old daughter of the famous film director Alfonso Cuaron And Annalisa BuglianiShe married in 2001 and divorced in 2008.

For a long time, Pu Cuaron – his stage name – has shown great passion for art and music.

Tess Bo Cuarón is the daughter of Alfonso Cuarón (Instagram Bo Cuarón)

According to an interview he gave deer, Tess is a music lover and wants to direct her future career in these directions. He started playing the piano at the age of four. He also knows how to play the violin and guitar. It also has courses in music production and engineering.

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“I grew up with a lot of Mexican and Italian influence. Italy gave me a base of simplicity and elegance, and Mexico gave me color and flowers. Having grown up in London, I think I have loose (…) Culturally, I never fit in and that's a privilegeBut I like it because I can create my own world that is a combination of several things.