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When is the full moon in February 2024 and what rituals need to be performed?

When is the full moon in February 2024 and what rituals need to be performed?

February 21, 2024 – 11:00

For astronomy enthusiasts, the new moon will arrive this month. Learn how you can utilize its energy to your advantage.

During the stage“full”the moon It appears in the sky all night, because it is in the part Opposite of Earth For the Sun this event occurs approximately Every 28 days.

Per month, Natural satellites to the earth It goes through different stages, being Full moon One of the most striking moments due to the visible glow in the sky. This phase is characterized by the possibility of observing the entire moon. Happens when sun, The Earth and the Moon are parallel In this order, that is, the terrestrial planet is in the middle; Sunlight illuminates the entire visible side of the moon opposite the sun.

When is the full moon in February 2024?

This particular event is known as “Snow Moon” Or “Ice Moon”. The name goes back to the cold winter temperatures in many areas during February, although this is not the case for Argentina. In this part of the continent it is commonly known as the “Storm Moon,” a name given by some Native American tribes.

Full moon

There is a full moon approximately every 28 days.

There is a full moon approximately every 28 days.


The full moon will occur on Saturday, February 24. It would be a perfect night to enjoy a night out or take a walk outdoors to observe them. Its moment of greatest illumination will be at 9:30 a.m., so it may be best appreciated during the day.

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Full moon ritual

In addition to him Importance in astronomyThe full moon often embodies people's imagination and is the subject of myths, legends and rituals in various cultural traditions. a lot Beliefs It suggests that this visual spectacle influences and can influence some human activities Mood adjustment Of people. From the public.

Full moon.jpg

Lunar calendar 2024.

Lunar calendar 2024.


Ritual for recharging energy with the full moon: step by step

Materials needed:

  • White or silver candles.
  • Crystals or stones representing lunar energy (such as selenite or moonstone).
  • Incense with the scent of your choice.
  • Paper and pen or pencil.
  • Nature elements such as flowers, leaves or seashells.

to prepare:

  1. Calm and relaxing atmosphere: Candles and incense were lit. Place crystals or stones on an altar or special place.
  2. contemplation: Sit in a comfortable position and meditate to connect with the energy of the moon. Breathe deeply and visualize.
  3. writing: You have written on paper your intentions, goals or desires for the upcoming lunar cycle. Try to be as specific and positive as possible.
  4. Power charging: Hold the crystals in your hands and imagine how they absorb the moonlight. If you are outside, you can expose it directly to the moonlight.
  5. Burning paper: Burn the paper containing the carefully written intentions in the candle flame. Meanwhile, visualize what you wrote.
  6. Gratitude: Express your gratitude to the moon for its energy and be thankful for the blessings in your life.

Finally, extinguish the candles and let the incense burn. Also make sure to store your crystals in a special place.

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On what days in 2024 will there be a full moon?

Full moon

In 2024 there will be a full moon once a month.

In 2024 there will be a full moon once a month.


Unlike 2023, the moon is expected to arrive next year The full moon phase a total of 12 timesOnce every month of the year. the First full moon The year was Thursday, January 25th. This Saturday, you can see the astronomical event in the sky again. The following will be:

  • March: Monday 25.
  • April: Tuesday 23
  • May: Thursday 23.
  • June: Friday 21st.
  • July: Sunday 21.
  • August: Monday 19.
  • September: Tuesday 17.
  • October: Thursday 17.
  • November: Friday the 15th.
  • December: Sunday 15.