August 16, 2022

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Public health analyzes whether isolation by covid-19 could be less days - citizens

Public health analyzes whether isolation by covid-19 could be less days – citizens

A patient infected with covid-19 must remain in isolation for ten days. However, Public Health is analyzing whether the period may be shorter given the population that has been vaccinated against the virus, according to Dr. Hernán Martinez, Deputy Minister of Health. On the other hand, he confirmed that there will be no more restrictions despite the increase in the number of infections.

“There is no possibility for new restrictions,” confirmed ABC Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Hernan Martinez. However, he explained that Ministry of Public Health (MSPBS) Works on Modification subordinate health protocols And still analyzing whether it corresponds to days isolation to COVID-19 She is from a while 10 days.

“It is important not to use word restriction anymore, because won’t come back confinement, limited hours at free movement. It was very useful back then, but what we have to do now is Settings According to the epidemiological moment. “What we’re going to do are modifications to the protocol,” Martinez said.

Martinez, who holds the position of Minister of Health, commented that all participants are in continuous meetings to modify, essentially, regarding days isolation For someone with the virus, always taking into account whether they have been immunized against covid-19.

We are in constant meeting with health monitoring, legal advice and health promotion professionals. There are various points we evaluate, such as the days of solitude. In this sense, work is underway to analyze how to fine-tune the protocol, but always For the benefit of the people‘, he confirmed.

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Regarding the number of days of solitude, I limit myself to saying “being analyzed”, but it does not speak of more days, but of to wake up the a period.

“Today we are in a different moment, as more people have been vaccinated, so the trend is that they may be from Fewer days. Various aspects are being analyzed and when we get the draft we will flesh it out.”

Martinez also mentioned that the current public health goal is not to prevent events, but rather to have the largest number of people vaccinated against the coronavirus. Avoid the dangerous pictures and the need for hospitalization. For example, the setting up of parties and concerts.

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“The probability that a to feed with dose completion He is really seriously injured Baja. We won’t be able to prevent people getting infected in these mega events, what we want to achieve is that more people get vaccinated for Avoid the saturation of the health system,” he emphasized.