July 1, 2022

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Putin-Biden Dialogue: 120 Minutes of Tension ‘Scientist’ Granma

Although the Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, warned the day before that “no progress should be expected in this conversation,” which he called “work, in a very difficult period,” the 120 minutes of hypothetical dialogue, this Tuesday, Between the leaders of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the United States, Joe Biden, they have kept the world on guard, because the position on various issues of world events depends on the good intentions – and decisions – of these two great men. powers.

The agenda, according to Sputnik, dealt with strategic stability, cyber attacks and the situation related to Iran, among other issues.

According to information that appeared in a White House statement, the US President, together with his Russian counterpart, reiterated support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, while calling for the reduction of tensions and the return of diplomacy. Likewise, both leaders will assign task forces to closely monitor matters relating to that European country.

It should be noted that Washington is “worried” that Moscow will send soldiers and means to the Russian border with Ukraine, always on Russian territory, and says nothing at all about the significant concentration of forces and means of warfare on the Ukrainian territory by NATO. , in an outright defiance of Russia, was very difficult for the Kremlin to accept.

Regarding the Iran issue, it must also be taken into account that the person who withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal was the then President of the United States, Donald Trump, in complete defiance of the international community, the United Nations and the signatory countries. The aforementioned agreement, which is considered the largest contribution to peace in recent decades.

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Russia signed the document and complied with it, like the other powers that were part of the negotiations for this.

But the arrogance of the United States not only tossed the agreement in the trash, but the new president – despite his promise – did nothing to reverse the situation that had arisen and end the sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic.

Tuesday’s virtual summit between Putin and Biden is an important element for the world to increase the world’s confidence in the present and the future, as long as weapons and economic and trade sanctions that harm confidence are not used. Mutual and global stability.