August 19, 2022

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Queen Margrethe, Frederick and Mary of Denmark colluded in the opening of the Danish Parliament

We have seen a new Important date in Copenhagen, since it was held Opening Folking, also known as the Danish Parliament, which represents Beginning of the new parliamentary year. This trip always happens The first Tuesday of October at the Folketing Hall, Located In Christiansburg Palace. It is a half-built palace, half the seat of government, which houses an event that is always attended by the highest representatives of Denmark’s royal family. the palace It is the home of the three highest authorities in Denmark: the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary. The only building in the world that houses the three branches of government in a country. for this important call Queen Margaret was present to the headLa Princesa The younger sister of the Queen and the Princes by hereditary, Frederic and Marie from Denmark. And during the act, the complicity that exists between the family members sharing smiles was evident.

An unusual birthday for Margaret of Denmark: this is how she celebrates her 81st birthday

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Baroque and surrounded by woods: this is the palace that Frederick and Mary of Denmark moved to

Prince Frederick and his wife arrived at Folketing Hall, where they were greeted by Princess Benedict. The future heir got out of the car first, behind Princess Mary, who received bouquets of colorful flowers, as well as the Queen and her sister. The couple was greeting the different personalities who had gathered there. For such an important day The princess wore an all-over dark blue look With shorts accompanied by a top hem, with ruffles below, from Australian company Scanlan Theodore. out of curiosity, Note that this same dress was worn by Meghan Markle To attend the Invictus Games in Australia, but in burgundy. The contrasting note is layered with accessories, complete with a burgundy velvet hood with bow at the back, a brooch, a clutch, and matching leather gloves.

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Benedict, Queen Margaret’s younger sister was waiting for them at the entrance She wore a suit jacket with geometric garnet motifs and a matching hoodie. with her, The couple exchanged affectionate greetings and a lively conversation for a few minutes. together They waited for the queen to appear. Upon his arrival the wife of Frederick the Dane, greeted her with a bow, She complied with the usual protocol, and he also accepted it. Then They all entered the room together The opening of the Danish Parliament in 2021 continued this year normally.

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This law constitutes one of the most important designations for royal houses in Europe. On September 21 we can see how Kings William and Maxima of Holland did the same on Prince’s Day. In this case, their tradition is to celebrate the opening of Parliament Tuesday of the third week of September, when, By reading the words from the throne, the so-called Troonrede, The King provides an assessment of the upcoming political cycleWe talk about hopes, illusions, and promises, and encourage citizens to share the accomplishments they hope to achieve in the new year.