August 7, 2022

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Quemao class goes big with tube by tube

Quemao class goes big with tube by tube

This is the first day of “Quemao class presented by Billabong” It left images for you to remember, with epic wave conditions and great performances that made for a unique spectacle. All the contenders agreed that the day was undoubtedly an enviable and perfect one, with this brutal wave giving its best.

Surfers and surfers had a great show in the first part of the day with the French surfboard Pierre-Louis Costes As the protagonist when achieving a wave of 10 points out of 10. He commented, “This wave is without a doubt the best I’ve achieved in Lanzarote.”

El local bodyboarder Pablo Liqui It also popped up. Although he didn’t start his streak off strong, he knew how to take advantage of these circumstances, achieving two amazing waves at the end with a score of 9.75 and 9.35 points out of 10.

For their part, the surfers were not left behind, and we witnessed a performance as brutal as that of the Basque Country. Natexo Gonzalezwhich scored in its first wave 9.75 out of 10, the highest in its class so far. “I’ve been fortunate to catch a wild wave, this is one of the most beautiful burns I’ve seen in my career competing here,” he commented.

The local surfer also popped up Manuel Lescano, who expressed how every year he “enters the water with more enthusiasm, but also with more pressure to compete at home”. He stated that he was proud of his ability to compete on his wave and on his island, and that he would continue to fight to reach the final.

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Winner of the latest edition of Surfing, Basque Eretz Arranborough He was one of the heroes and commented, “It really took my nerves from the first series, there are incredible waves, it’s perfect, it’s so powerful, the series so big was scary even for their class, but it’s still an amazing thing.”

Luis Diaz, a surfer from Gran Canaria, also commented on the difficulty of this wave, but stressed that it is a challenge worth facing and that it will be fully exploited tomorrow to reach the final.

Aday PerdomoThe Bodyboarder from Fuerteventura also left out a great performance and expressed, “I chose my waves well, the Quemao tube is impressive, it gives you incredible sensations, and now I’m looking forward to the next round.”

Australian Body Border Elliot Williams, Although he couldn’t get past his streak, he was grateful to have the opportunity to compete in this event, with ‘different waves than I’m used to, since these waves are stronger and more dangerous, but nevertheless, he always honors me to visit and compete… in Lanzarote “.

that it Friday the 31st, the competition will start at 8:00 AM. The Quemao Class will conclude the year with the announcement of new surf and skateboard champions.