May 16, 2022

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Radeon RX 6950 XT, 6750 XT and 6650 XT, we know their specifications

Radeon RX 6950 XT, 6750 XT and 6650 XT, we know their specifications

Radeon graphics cards RX6950XT, RX6750XT, RX6650XT It will be launched in the markets over the next few days, and it appears that the full specifications of the three models that will be available on May 10th have been revealed.

RX 6950 XT, 6750 XT and 6650 XT: Specifications confirmed

Three updated models of the RX 6000 series are coming to the market, which will be slightly more powerful versions of the namesake. RX6900XT, RX6700XT, RX6600XT.

AMD RX 6950 XT – (Navi 21 XTXH)


Information indicates that this GPU has 80 compute units or 5120 SP, which operates at 2.1 GHz and 2.3 GHz as a boost clock. This clock speed is 4% faster than the RX 6900 XT model. In addition, the memory is 16 GB with 256-bit bandwidth and a Speed ​​of 18 gigabits per second. Total consumption is 335 watts TBP. The difference with the current model is only 35 watts.

AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT – (Navi 22 XT)


This graphics card uses silicon Navi 22 XT With 40 units of account equivalent to 2560 Syrian pounds.

The graphics card will come at 2495MHz “Game” and “Boost” 2600MHz. Once again, AMD is seizing the opportunity to 3% increase in frequencies over the RX 6700 XT.

Memory size 12 GB GDDR6 With a clock speed of 18 Gbps. AMD increased the memory speed from 16 Gbps, always using the 192-bit bandwidth bus.

TBP is 250 watts.

AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT – (Navi 23 XT)


This chip with Navi 23 silicon contains 32 arithmetic units for a total of 2048 SP. This model clocks 2410MHz “game” and 2635MHz “boost”, which is about 2% faster than the RX 6600 XT.

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The size of the VRAM is 8 GB GDDR6 with a width of 128 bits. The memory speed is up to 17.5 gigabits per second.

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Graphics Card RX6650XT It has a consumption of 180 watts, with an increase of 20 watts with respect to RX6600XT. This model may require one 8-pin connector.

amd These models launch into a strategy similar to that of nvidia with his group ‘excellent’, just by another name. The yield is expected to be between 5% and 10% higher. We will keep you informed.