August 19, 2022

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Radio Havana Cuba |  Haiti: Condemning the racist statements of former US President Donald Trump

Radio Havana Cuba | Haiti: Condemning the racist statements of former US President Donald Trump

Pocket Edmund

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Oct 9 (RHC) Haiti today condemned the “baseless racist” statements made by former US President Donald Trump, who claimed without evidence that Haitian immigrants were carriers of HIV/AIDS.

“These despicable comments are only intended to sow hatred and discord against immigrants,” the Caribbean nation’s ambassador to Washington Puckett Edmund said in a statement on behalf of his government.

The statement encourages ‘civilized peoples’, the media and human rights organizations not to remain indifferent to Trump’s degrading treatment of the Haitian people, and noted that Haiti is the second independent country in the Western Hemisphere and an ally of the United States.

Today, many Haitians and their descendants, like the Trump family, have immigrated to the United States of America, contributing to the prosperity and defense of the American people. The diplomat said that these historical and human relations cannot be tainted by such hateful comments.

Speaking to Fox News, the former president confirmed that Haiti has a huge problem with AIDS. “Dirty countries,” said Trump, who described the Caribbean country and others in 2018 as “dirty countries.”

According to World Bank data, the prevalence of the disease in Haiti does not exceed 2%, while the Ministry of Health indicated that about 160,000 people are currently affected and the goal is to reduce transmission by 2030.

Trump’s statements appear on the sidelines of the immigration crisis that has pushed thousands of migrants to the southern border of the United States, to try to seek asylum in that country.

So far, Washington has expelled more than 7,500 Haitians, despite criticism from international organizations such as the United Nations. (Source: Prensa Latina)

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