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Radio Havana Cuba | The Syrian President meets Putin in Moscow and accuses the West of obstructing the peace process in his country

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The presidents of Syria and Russia met in Moscow

DAMASCUS, September 14 (RHC) Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has accused some Western powers of obstructing peace negotiations between the government and the opposition sector to provide a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Arab nation.

During a meeting in the Russian capital with his counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Syrian president said, “(…) I would like to stress the fact that our political processes have been suspended for nearly three years.”

Bashar al-Assad indicated that some Western countries are destructively obstructing meetings and dialogues to implement political processes in the country, without mentioning a specific country.

The Syrian president condemned the imposition by some countries, including the United States, of sanctions and coercive measures against the Syrian people, “which can be classified as anti-human” and “illegal”.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the main problem in Syria is the presence “in certain areas of the country” of foreign forces that do not have the appropriate mandate from the United Nations or Damascus.

According to Putin, this situation clearly contravenes international law “and does not allow the Syrian government to integrate and progress toward the country’s reconstruction at the rate that would be possible if the entire region was under the control of President Bashar al-Assad.”

Putin praised Bashar al-Assad’s efforts to improve dialogue with his political opponents, noting that “only the unification of all forces in Syria will allow the country to rise up and begin a progressive, forward-looking development.”

The Russian President stressed that Bashar al-Assad controls 90% of the Syrian territory and that together with Russian forces he managed to deal a strong blow to the terrorists.

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“Unfortunately, there are still pockets of resistance from terrorists, who not only control part of the territory, but continue to terrorize the civilian population,” the Russian president added.


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