June 20, 2024

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RUGBY: Spain start against Ireland for the World Cup in New Zealand

RUGBY: Spain start against Ireland for the World Cup in New Zealand

EI fit in between Espa e Ireland, The first of the competition Qualification For the World Cup New Zealand 2021 What is controversial Burma (Italy), broadcast by Teleteport Monday, September 13 from 6:00 pm, Spanish Peninsula Time. In the form of a competitive league, all against, all Scotland And Italy Further In the group. The winner will have direct access to the World Cup and play in the Second World Play-Off.

After Ireland, Spain will play as European champions for rugby Europe, then play against Scotland (18:00, September 19) e Italy (15:00, September 25)

Teleteport on Spanish-Irish television

Led team Jose Antonio Barrio ‘Junge’ Came to Burma after a concentration Jacka And the previous one Len. According to the team captain, Isabel Rico, Faced with the choice of “one of the most powerful qualifications”. Spain has prepared the competition in the best possible way due to the very difficult environment International spread of corona virus. If the World Championships had to be postponed from 2021 to 2022, so were they Postponed And scheduled production meetings were discontinued. Leonas’ last match note was a clash Toulouse Ground French: Spain won two of three 20-minute matches.

‘Yunke’ has called in 28 players. Isabel returned to the exam Rico And Patricia Karka. Bilir Cidorella confirmed Brasic And second line Carmen Castellucci. Lee Toucher Introduction, although he has already played in the Sevens.

Spanish selection for the classification for the 2022 Women’s World Cup

First lines: Cristina Blanco, Cidorella Brasic, Isabel Rico (Olympico Bosuvelo), Micah Prest, Sவாova Jure Rena (Beyonc)), Laura Delcado (Exeter Leaders), Marta Estels (Majadahonda), University of Margarita Rodriguez (

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Second lines: Lourdes Alameda (Sans Scrum), Carmen Castellucci (Bobigny 93), Emnica Castello (CRAT A Coruva), Anna Buig (Sandpoyana).

Third lines: Mara Calvo, Olivia Fresneda (Cisneros), Paula Meden (CRAT A Coruva), Carmen Rodera (Majathahonda).

Media Mells: Luca Toss (Majathahonda), Anne Fernandez de Chorus (Ebar)

Openings: Patricia Garca

Centers: Eva Aguirre (Majathahonda), Amalia Arcudo (State Toulouse), Amaya Erbina (FER Player)

Oops: Mara Garga (Majathahonda), Paula Requena (FER Player), Alpha Vinosa (Cisneros)

Jaguars: Bee Tomquez (Sans Scrum), Lee Thatcher (Universitorio Sevilla), Ira Echebra (Ebar)