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Radio Havana Cuba | They remember the birth of the poet Nicanor Parra in Cuba

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Nikanor Para

HAVANA, SEPTEMBER 5 (RHC) The Casa de las Americas in Cuba remembered the birth of this day in 1914 for Chilean poet, mathematician, physicist and thinker Nicanor Parra, brother of folklorist Violetta Parra, with one of his most emblematic texts, The Roller Coaster.

The National Literature Prize in 1969 and the Miguel de Cervantes Prize in 2011, he was the last survivor of his country’s famous trio of great thinkers, along with Pablo Neruda who died on September 23, 1973, and Vicente Huidobro, on January 2, 1948.

Authors such as Harold Bloom, Niall Binns, or Roberto Bolaño consider Parra to be one of the best poets on the continent due to a voluminous work that includes the titles of La cueca largo, Versos de Salón, Manifesto, Russian songs, teachers and artifacts, anti-Lazzaro and anti-civilian Christmas songs.

Between 1985 and 2015, there were creations by him such as Leaves of Vine, La Sagrada Familia, Lear, rey & mendigo; After-Dinner Sermons, Public Works and Antiprosa, transcend Latin American historiography as the innovator of anti-poetry.

Specialists also warn that the writer has revolutionized and challenged the traditional language of verses, incorporating realism and surrealism into his texts, and has been translated into many languages ​​such as English, French, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Finnish and Portuguese.

His literary background of over 75 years includes a collection of poems, numerous anthologies, catalogues, visual exhibitions and collaborations on art projects with figures such as Enrique Lin, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Pablo Neruda, Violeta Parra, Jaime Vadel and Joan Brusa. (Source: Prensa Latina)

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