June 19, 2024

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AMD Ryzen 6000 APU ‘Rembrandt’ is already mass-produced

The next generation of desktop processors Ryzen 6000 APUWho uses architecture Zen 3+It will already be in production.

AMD Ryzen 6000 APU ‘Rembrandt’ is already mass-produced

Fountain Grimon 55 Claims that the CPUs Ryzen 6000 APU It is already mass-produced at AMD’s factories in China, and will be mass-produced Available for sale mid 2022 With different models.

Treatments AMD Ryzen 6000 APU They will have their own corresponding variants (Ryzen 6000U – Ryzen 6000H) for laptops and desktops, which will replace existing Ryzen 5000 APUs based on the Cezanne core.

AMD “Rembrandt” (Ryzen 6000 APUs) featured on previous roadmaps using cores Zain 3 NS Zen 3+It will be the first red chipsets to support DDR5 memory. By the end of the year, during 2022, processors should appear on the scene AMD “Rafael” (Non-APU) for desktop with higher processing power.

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One of the most important improvements this new generation APU will bring is that it will have integrated graphics Nav2, The same thing used in the laptop steam surface. Which is expected to graphically outperform Steam Deck at launch, mid-2022.

AMD They haven’t confirmed their products after 2022, so the codenames Raffahill, Phoenix, Granite Ride or Strix Point It never appeared in an official statement from the manufacturer. However, leaks are the order of the day.

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Currently, it is believed that AMD Will officially introduce processors Ryzen 6000 APU in a CES 2022, which will be held in January.