June 25, 2022

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Ram is back with another preview of the new Ram 1500 EV that looks very different from all the ones on the market

Ram will offer fully electrified solutions in most of its segments by 2025.

Photo: Stellantis / Courtesy

Not to be outdone by Ford and Chevy, both of which have already revealed full-size electric pickup trucks, Ram is working on releasing their own. Although a little late to the party, RAM brings unique features such as the combustion range extender, which is definitely different. In any case, Ram shared a sneak peek at the front of her next electric truck And while the dark details are hard to spot, there’s something to work with given the lighter touches on the front.

Elegant and exclusive interface

This mysterious silhouette shows what is likely the design of the logo and headlights for electric ram. The headlights are stylish and unique to the electric model, while the grille logo is massive and apparently backlit. We’re used to seeing these very bright front facades now, because that’s what sets the F-150 Lightning apart in traffic.

This view does not show the LED flashlight as much as previous renderings did; Instead, there are spacers in each headlight, and they don’t meet in the middle either. However, the RAM seems to have some kind of false double bubble ceiling design, which is interesting.

Ram has yet to specify an arrival date for the 1500 EV

It is not known exactly when he will debut, although Ram said it will be in 2024. The specs are anyone’s guess at this point, but If you go to Link In the trailer you can see a photo of an exposed chassis. A large battery occupies the central section. It also shows a bit of the new wheel designalthough the Ram is conspicuously obscured by most of it, which appears to be some sort of chunky pentagonal design.

There’s reason to believe the battery-powered Ram might ride on the STLA Frame platform, which Stellantis announced some time ago for its full-size electric cars. This remains to be seen, but it is something to watch out for; Currently, the Ram 1500 rides a frame-on-frame chassis, but with coil-over rear suspension instead of traditional leaf springs. The truck may have an independent rear suspension just like its Ford competitor.

Ram revolution
Ram revolution. /Photo: Courtesy Ram.

Ram will have to pay attention to its EV pickup range

Of course, Ram hasn’t released any battery information yet. However, you will need a maximum range of at least 300 miles if Ram is to compete with Rivian R1T (314 miles), F-150 Lightning (320 miles) or Chevrolet Silverado EV (400 miles claimed). This may not be a problem if you have a full combustion engine dedicated to generating greater range.

Needless to say, it’s exciting to see another electric pickup truck in action. Truck enthusiasts need a way to haul, haul, and explore off-road without burning fossil fuels, and the Big Three give them just that. The question is, when will this move to 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks?


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