May 27, 2022

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Real Betis vs.  FC Barcelona - Match Report - May 7, 2022

Real Betis vs. FC Barcelona – Match Report – May 7, 2022

Sevilla (Jordi Blanco, transmitter) – unimaginable, decisive and brilliant as it was a lucky shot by Jordi Alba in extra time, gave Barcelona the victory in Seville over Betis, already mathematically ranked Azulgrana Champions League team, bringing them closer to second place He left Cup champion Betis almost waiting for a miracle to reach second place.

Xavi’s team won a match without a government and that was decisive in the last part, dressed as champion Ansu Fati who scored 0-1 as soon as he entered the match, to which Marc Bartra quickly responded with a draw and led. Breaking down to a stark and insane ending…and in what fortune I smiled for Barcelona when the tie was a reality.

If Barcelona fans are increasingly dissatisfied, the communication between Betis fans and their team is commendable. It is true that the cup title won less than a month ago has jumped the mood of the Verdeblanco world … but the unsettling comparison with the Camp Nou, where the football atmosphere is barely reminiscent of the past, is also true.

From the very first minute, Betis fans rushed in with their style and Pellegrini’s players did not disappoint in their stifling pressure on Barcelona, ​​who struggled to get noticed on the pitch. Impossible to control the game, the game saw the first half of give and take, with errors and inaccuracies and a lot of Barcelona insisting on looking for teams (mainly Dembele), while Verdblancos had Borja or Juanmi in their sights, stopped by Araujo and the second leads Dani Alves to madness.

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Dembele warned within 11 minutes of running down the wing to the finish line and positioning from below, causing the wrong Claudio Bravo to reject and Pezzella getting under the stick after rebounding to avoid fright.

Perhaps in that play the Chilean goalkeeper was injured, replaced shortly afterwards by Rui Silva who almost immediately saw how the majestic Araujo wore the crossbar at Barcelona’s best chance, was inadequate in play and continued to do so through midfield work that hid other flaws, which Not a few in football.

Betis responded to Barcelona’s chance in a long game, meeting easily against Barcelona’s passivity in their area and ending with a low and cross shot from Guido Rodríguez hitting Neto’s post, showing, once again, that Barcelona’s defense, after Araújo, continues to cause many concerns. too much.

The first half ended with the feeling that Barcelona was halfway to nowhere and Betis threatened much more, with Fikr and Canales, with Juanmi and Saballi increases. and the importance of majestic saves when it comes to updating their game.

Ansu, brakes … and Alba

And the beginning of the second half of the paralysis of Barcelona, ​​who was finding it very difficult to combine before the intensity and dizziness of an increasing competitor, increased his endurance on the wings with the spirit of his fans, who gradually dominated the match until they. Touching goal by Juanmi’s shot was miraculously saved by Neto as the culmination of a thrilling match down the right wing.

Xavi stepped in and gave Aubameyang an entry in place of the increasingly pressured Memphis and the Barcelona coach ordered his men to step forward, also taking advantage of local fatigue after the first twenty minutes and going one step further with the entry of Ansu Fati, Adama (Lvieran) and Dembélé) when the duel was heading into the last quarter of the hour. .

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A final quarter of an hour summed up the madness and uncontrollability of the duel. Ansu, excellent, barely took two minutes and two interventions to score 0-1 which seemed, already at that moment (76 minutes), to stop Betis’ insistence… but it didn’t take another two minutes for the team to equalize via Pellegrini, with a poorly calculated free kick that was finished by Mark Bartra impressively, which gave fairness to the confrontation …

From there to the end it was all wanting and incapable of some and others. With more Barcelona dominance and heart, in the absence of lungs, Betis had to roll up their sleeves to avoid defeat… It came in overtime, with an unimaginable shot by Jordi Alba that gave them such an unexpected victory. .

Barcelona will play the Champions League and Betis is almost impossible. And Barcelona, ​​if he does not fail, will end up in second place which will give him the right to play in the Super Cup.