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Real Madrid: 2021: The year things went wrong for Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid: 2021: The year things went wrong for Sergio Ramos

1 January 2021. Sergio Ramos He’s facing a year when whatever comes his way is charged with positivity. Flight. Renew it with real Madrid, a club that is (and always will be) an absolute legend) and comes close to being the Real Madrid player with the most trophies. The choice is a captain, and a general. It is the flag of the European Championship postponed due to the pandemic. The record for the most matches played by a player for his country on hand. Life is rosy for Ramos.

We’re counting down until December 31, 2021. Sergio Ramos He is not a Real Madrid player. It was not in Eurocopa. Lives in Paris. The injuries angered him so much that he played four matches with Real Madrid, two with Spain and two with Paris Saint-Germain. In 2021, an empire that seemed unapproachable falls. The streak of bad news for Ramos has been almost greased with the passage of 2020 to 2021.

January injury

The year begins with a lowercase letter. Storm Philomena complicates the flight from Madrid to Pamplona. On a semi-ice pitch, Zidane’s team drew 0-0 against Osasuna. Ramos, who started the year without playing against Celta on January 2 due to stomach issues, is playing the full match.

On January 14, five days later, the red light was lit in the Spanish Super Cup. Suddenly, Militao jumps up to warm up. Everyone looks at Varane, but the problem is Ramos’ left knee. There is no change. The Real Madrid captain slipped up to twice and the match ends. His team loses 2-1 and does not defend the title that was achieved a year ago in Jeddah. The alarm is activated.

February, to the operating room

Ramos’ knee condition is worrying, but it’s not seen as a major problem either. A meniscus tear needs rest and calm. The idea of ​​the operation appears in the mind of Sergio, who calculates that with it he will save him the end of the season, the euro and even matches in Spain in March. There are many who tell you that it is not a good idea at your age and that the risk is high. On the morning of February 6, the news broke: Sergio Ramos is at Kirvano. It is said to return between six and eight weeks.

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Sergio Ramos, it worked successfully

March, goodbye to choice

The national team will start qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar next March. sergio He wants to be whatever. He rushes back against Elche (March 13) and plays three days later in the comeback against Atalanta. Did not travel to Vigo the next day to list Luis Enrique. The captain of the national team ensures that he is fine and that he is a key player against Greece in Granada. It is not good and in the first half the limiter changes it. In the locker room of Los Crmenes something breaks. Ramos substitute in Georgia. And repeats the bench with Kosovo in La Cartuja. Luis Enrique knocked him out in the last five minutes. “It’s a technical decision. It’s okay, it’s from an injury. I decided that others would play, no more. The intention is that he will play is clear. The captain is like that in all respects. He deserves to break all the records,” said the coach.

The case does not stop there. Ramos goes out after the match to run on the grass with those who haven’t played. And then his office says enough is enough. This is the last time he was seen wearing La Roja clothes.

The day before, March 30, he was 35 years old.

Sergio Ramos comes on the bench after the match against Kosovo

april, blank

Muscle injury does not end, quite the contrary. Meanwhile, Madrid does not sink without its leader. With Militao and Nacho growing up, he became the only Spaniard to survive in Europe and the only one keeping Atlético’s pulse in La Liga. Sergio Ramos does not play a minute in April. Since May 2013, there hasn’t been a month that Ramos hasn’t played at least one game.

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May and KO in London and no Euro

time is running out. The Euro is approaching and Ramos is not showing up again. He didn’t do it until May 5 in London against Chelsea. Strength, offside, Zidane moves the team to play, and Madrid falls in a match showing that Sergio was not up to that requirement. This is the last time he wore the Real Madrid shirt. His match was 671 and he won 23 titles, only one difference from Paco Gento..

May 13, Marker It is reported that Luis Enrique is very suspicious of Ramos. So much so that a file May 24 Not in the list. Messages to select doctors that he would play again before the list never materialized. Luis Enrique explained that he had called Ramos the night before to give the list to communicate the decision.

Luis Enrique’s full list: Sergio Ramos will not participate in the European Cup!

June, bye to Madrid

June 17, 2021 is a special day in the history of Real Madrid. He said, “I never wanted to leave.” Sergio Ramos in his farewell. He explained in a farewell press conference that he did not know that the offer to renew the club had expired. Her tears speak of what is going through Ramos’ body. He does not say where his future was.

Not even 10 seconds passed and Sergio Ramos burst into tears

July, destination Paris

On July 8, after a few weeks of uncertainty, Paris Saint-Germain officially signed the contract of Sergio Ramos. It comes for free, as Leo Messi will later do. He said in his first press: “I came to start from scratch, I love challenges and I hope it will be a good year. Madrid will always be in my heart. I just think of giving my best and contributing my experience”. conspiracy.

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Paris Saint-Germain arrives in Faro without injury to Sergio Ramos in Solo

August and does not play

The Paris Saint-Germain season begins, matches are over, and Ramos does not play. In mid-August, the Parc des Princes explained that their defense had a new muscle problem and that they had to wait. No dates mentioned.

September, the plot is growing

There is no word on the possible return of Sergio Ramos. It has been leaked that he is improving and that it is expected that after the October break he will finally be able to play. The problem is already known to lie in the solo, which is a vexing injury to a veteran player.

October, whether

The second half passes, Spain is on the verge of winning the Nations League and Ramos does not return. Every time it is announced that she is close to returning with the group, a response appears from PSG postponing her.

Pochettino confirms there is no date for the return of Ramos: “It is a development …”

November, play after 207 days

On November 9, he finally returned to the training of the Paris Saint-Germain group. But he didn’t play until the 28th. St. Tien remains the team that Ramos made his first Ligue 1 match against, and the next thing he heard about was that he was back on the injured list with muscle issues.

Sergio Ramos: “I will die for PSG against Real Madrid”

Kicked out to end one of the terrible

In the event that something is missing from 2021, the repeated Champions League draw has ruled that Paris Saint-Germain’s second-round rival is Real Madrid. After three weeks of not playing, PSG 4 reappeared in a match. It’s against the humble Entente Feignies Aulnoye in the cup.. Play the first 45 minutes.

In case Sergio Ramos misses something terrible, France’s first red was seen in his third match. Wednesday December 22nd is still on this date. He was a substitute at Loirent’s house, came into Mendes in the first half and between the 81st and 86th minutes he saw two yellows. The end of a year at the height of what had been a tragic 2021.

Few will celebrate entering 2022 like Sergio Ramos.

Sergio Ramos was sent off in his third match with Paris Saint-Germain