May 17, 2022

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Signal: Privacy settings provide greater user security

Signal: Privacy settings provide greater user security

Signal Security Options (Photo: Courtesy of ESET)

Yes good The WhatsApp Do messaging platform A favorite of users, its multiple downfall has led to the adoption of many others Apps like Signal To stay connected and above all secure.

Since it’s a less crowded app, there may be less information and more questions about how to take advantage of it, so this time we’ll tell you what’s right for you. Privacy options available.

as you remember ESET, security company, Signal was formerly called TextSecure. From the beginning it was marked by privacy and security, As well as being from open source, In other words, it is accessible and auditable by any user, as well as maintained by a non-profit organization operating on the basis of donations.

according to Data collectionThe platform requires only the user’s mobile phone number. The data or profile picture synchronization functions are protected by encryption and do not require storage on the application servers.

(Photo: SIGNAL)
(Photo: SIGNAL)

In addition, all communications made in the application are encrypted by default and mandatory. In fact, the organization behind Signal has created its own encryption protocol, which combines complex encryption algorithms to ensure they cannot be broken.”

To access the settings, select the three dots in the top corner of the app and tap a category “Privacy” It is near the end of the list of options.

There you will find a list blocked users, as well as options applied to conversations, starting with the possibility of Turn off alerts From reading or clicking, until the time of disappearance of messages is determined.

Signal Privacy Options (Photo: SIgnal)
Signal Privacy Options (Photo: SIgnal)

The latter works like Self-destruct message in a cable. That is, after seeing the message, it will be removed from the devices of the sender and receiver at the specified time. These settings can also be applied to a specific chat or to all of them.

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In another option, let Disabled screenshots For all users without exception. However, it can be broken if one of the contacts uses a third mobile phone or a camera to photograph the device’s screen.

You can also force a file Device lock After a configurable time, which may not coincide with the time the phone is locked.

Signal App (Foto: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration)
Signal App (Foto: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration)

Finally, a choice Incognito keyboard Signaling capability Disable machine learning of words or phrases. However, it does not guarantee that messages will not be parsed using the keyboard.

The option to remove the phone number from Signal’s servers disables calls and messages that use its services. If this option is deactivated, only text messages can be sent and received through the app. What is more, Forces all calls to go through the Signal server, Avoid exposing the IP address.

Finally, there is an optionSecret sender. As explained by the developers themselves on their blog, this adds a file An extra layer of security: Not only the content of the messages sent is encrypted, but also who sends them. For this, in addition to encryption algorithmsUse one-time checks with their servers to avoid cases plagiarism“.

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