May 27, 2022

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Real Madrid: Janabry and two "The Galaxy": the accounts do not come out

Real Madrid: Janabry and two “The Galaxy”: the accounts do not come out

It’s been a long time since the big market moves started cooking in full swing months before the end of the season. Real Madrid in it and streak once Mbappe And in a full attempt to HaalandKeep an eye out for other jobs you feel you need to fill for the upcoming season. Bild newspaper reported last Wednesday that Real Madrid was interested in the situation of Serge Gnabry, whose contract with Bayern Munich has not yet been renewed and his contract expires in 2023.. One of the best right wing players in Europe in a contractual position beneficial to a buying club. But there are financial drawbacks…

Shield / Real Madrid flag

Real Madrid provided 80 million euros in exchange for the signing bonus for Mbappe, and it is known that Haaland’s operation, as reported by AS, is estimated at 150 million between the transfer cost and commissions for the agent and the father of the Norwegian giant. The third step in the market that the club deals with and developed is the movement of the French midfielder chomini, an estimated purchase of another 60 million. In total, around 300 million euros were “committed” before being able to attack another signature, such as Gnabry’s or the right-side signing, which are other positions the entity wants to strengthen. The France international’s bid, recommended by David Alaba, means at least one sale between players from the current team: Marco Asensio or Rodrigo.

They are two players who can go out. The Balearic Islands expire in 2023 and communications for their renewal have been very lax. His age (26 years old) and the label allow Madrid to believe he could get an interesting personality if there was no white smoke to carry on. For Rodrygo, Mbappe’s arrival seals his fine options even further. He has a contract until 2025 And his profile, one of the most affordable of the white dressing rooms, is not an obstacle if Madrid wants to put it on the market.

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