July 5, 2022

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So you can improve your catch at night

So you can improve your catch at night

Best cell phones for night photos

Among some of the mobile devices that feature night photos, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which has the function the nightOr the Redmi Note 11 Pro, Huawei Mate 40 Pro or Google’s Pixel 6, whose photography tools allow you to take full advantage of the scene even in low light.

Although these smartphones are highly efficient in this field, they have a “but” which means that they belong to high-end devices, so they are not designed for a large part of the population. However, there are mid-range alternatives like the V21, from vivo, whose performance stands out at night.

As mentioned in the file Review , its strong point is the photographic department, as it has sensors and artificial intelligence that allow to take pictures well. In addition, for night selfies, the device has dual LED lighting above the cameras to improve image quality.

Photography in dark environments

V21 المباشر Live Night Mode

Selfie taken in dark environment with vivo V21 tools.

Photo: Fernando Guarneros

Vivid Macro V21.JPG

Photo: Fernando Guarneros

Tips for taking better photos at night

In addition to taking the night mode into account, some night photography techniques Its purpose is to enable functions such as high dynamic range, with the aim of highlighting the least lit areas, and also not to use zoom much, since this function usually generates noise in images.

As the development of smartphones progresses, more features are being added to their cameras. Many of them even captured the light triangle to make better photos in different environments.

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