May 23, 2022

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Real Madrid: Name the new gates of the Santiago Bernabeu

Real Madrid: Name the new gates of the Santiago Bernabeu

TheBusiness Santiago Bernabeu Advance to convert old chamartin at The most modern stadiums in Europe. But if this project is possible, it is thanks to the fact that over the years, since 1902, players have become Real Madrid They built a unique history, a sports epic based on unique victories and adventures.

From MARCA we propose a game, christening each of the gates of the Madrid stadium in the name of one of the players who have worn those gate numbers over more than 120 years of history. Obviously, if only one door is chosen, the sorting is brutal in some numbers. For example 9. Di Stefano, Benzema, Hugo Sanchez, Santillana…? It seems clear that Di Stefano will be the chosen one.

Obviously there will be numbers that will cause controversy, numbers that have not had a significant impact on the club’s history. Who is the best “16”? And “21”? What are you going to do with these doors? Would they give it to one of the players who wore this number or would they take one of the legends left without a door? For example: For Gate 7 compete Cristiano Ronaldo, Juanito, Ral, Butraggio… It would be strange if one of those players didn’t have a portal and Heinz or Makelele. However, this is a game, so please vote!

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