June 23, 2024

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Real Madrid: Paris Saint-Germain presents Messi a "message" to Real Madrid from Mbappe

Real Madrid: Paris Saint-Germain presents Messi a “message” to Real Madrid from Mbappe

theThe roadmap that fans and some Real Madrid coaches had in mind to sign Mbappe this summer Footballer’s resistance to not renewing and by Leo Messi signed by Paris Saint-Germain. The first two steps have been taken, but the decisive step has not been taken, which is to offer the long-awaited crack for sale. And the hours have passed since then Announcing the signature of MessiI, The feeling at Real Madrid is that Mbappe’s arrival this season is more than difficult.

If PSG has shown something because it is in the hands of Qatar, it is not a selling club. The French national team buys what it wants and sells only what it cares about, ignoring the wishes of many players who have asked to leave and who have closed the doors. “golden prison” id Donato de CampliThe former agent of the French national team. And in this golden cage is now Mbapp, which PSG has no intention of selling at the moment.

When PSG went to sign Messi, they made their intentions clear with Mbappe. “We will not sell it”Pochettino said, conveying the message that Al-Khulaifi sent to him. The French team signed Messi to be one of the best tridents in history. Born in the Champions League, his head does not go through the promotion of a direct rival like Real Madrid after signing Messi. Due to his skepticism, the Argentine was announced cracking the shirt of Neymar and Kylian himself.

Thousands of Paris Saint-Germain video details of Messi’s announcement: his companion, the Golden Balls, Neymar…Paris Saint-Germain

Free next year?

After Messi signed, PSG’s idea is to keep pressing Mbapp to renew with them. And if they don’t, they assume you’ll be leaving for free next year. It may sound crazy, but they’d rather exhaust Mbapp’s contract to enter an amount close to 200 million euros, by the way, and it’s a number PSG will need to balance their accounts. PSG has announced sales of 180 million this summer, but at the moment it has only released a player worth seven. How to beat the rules of the French championship? That’s what the soccer planet wonders.

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In Madrid, at the moment, they are waiting for PSG to issue some signs of weakness financially and bring Mbappe to the market, although all the messages he is sending are about it at the moment. Killian is that he has not been touched.