May 23, 2022

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Real Madrid: The day Zidane stopped time

cOr the 45th minute of the first part of UEFA Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen. Rall scored in the eighth minute another exam, the smartest in the class, and Lucio equalized in the 13th minute with a header. And when the teenager’s enthusiasm for the final seemed to subside and everyone was waiting for the break, it happened.

Replay a fixed shot for Zidane’s goal.

Rotoscope free shot Zidane goal recreation in Hampden Park.

Everything was born in Berbatov offside. Helgueira He asks the ball boy for a ball, plants it two meters behind the center line of the field and moves the ball towards it Solarwhich is close to the left flank of the Madrid attack. Solari tries to advance, He finds Zidane who comes to his aid and gives him the ball. Zizou He receives with two opponents at the back, runs a few meters away, on his way to the dividing line and delivers the ball to iron, who gives a cross pass find Roberto Carlos boots. The team plays for Solari, who is on the verge of losing it but manages to return the way for Helguera.

Video for the ninth goal

Video of Zidane’s goal at Hampden ParkAntonio Parado

find the center Makeleledespite the reasons for a bad pass Ramilo is about to be robbed The ball, with only 40 seconds of play left in the first half. But Makelele manages to get the ball to Hierrowho moves the ball backwards Helgueira. And this is where the play accelerates. Helguera opens the band to Roberto Carlos, that touches the middle of Solar And start the sprint. Solari, whom he knows, sends the ball to the agreed destination, about 11 meters from the baseline and two meters from the side line of the zone. Roberto Carlos arrives under pressure and pumps the ball towards the edge of the area.

Brand cover d

Marca’s cover of the day Real Madrid won the ninth European Champions League.Marker

And there the painting comes to life. Zidane reckons Where will the ball land? body preparation So anything but a comfortable help that forces you to perform shortening To study biomechanics. Plant your feet, with your torso pointing toward the angle the ball is coming from, and move your arms away from the goalkeeper until the physics helps you gain momentum, lift your left leg up Redraw the horizon line And contact that ball sent from the sky with the instep so that it inevitably slips into the goalkeeper’s squad Hans Garg Bat.

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“I knew it would be a goal once the ball was out of my boot. I learned that In the middle of Roberto Carlos It was going to be good. I didn’t think about it and immediately managed to shoot on goal. It was a great goal. All hunch. The important thing is that we won To win trophiesThis is how Zizou explained his goal for MARCA, with the ninth in his arms, that night for Glasgow history. In his celebration, in “Toma, Toma, Toma” in perfect Spanish, Zinedine removed 72 kilograms from his weight. From the back, from his signature, those whom Real Madrid pushed to wear Zidane in white who did not want to leave football without adding the Champions League to his record, and at first he grabbed her by the ears.

Vicente del Bosque, who was the coach of Real Madrid, after 20 years tried to set for Marca that goal he saw sitting on the bench at Hampden Park. “Zizou’s goal is a work of art, a purely aesthetic work, of a stunning nature rarely seen in football and less so in the final.” The closeness of the goal to the break caused goal admiration, the echo of the image it had recently undergone, to dominate the field until well into the second half, when the other white hero of the night appeared: Iker Casillas.

It was Zidane’s shot that gave Real Madrid ninth place

Caesar’s injuryThe goalkeeper chosen by Del Bosque for the final period of the season, an emergency acre to play The last 20 minutes of the final, Without heating and after 55 days of inactivity, with Bayer invading their area. But Casillas, five days after turning 21, took it all out and allowed Zidane’s goal video to be shown forever in the Museum of the Immortals.


Infographic published in MARCA with the aim of Zizou.

Brand recognition

Should something be done for Zidane with the goal of Glasgow? The question remained in the MARCA newsroom. It’s been a few months since then Hampden Park masterpiece But no one forgot a shot that was the ultimate expression of beauty on a football field.

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This equation in MARK had an easy solution: Juan Carlos Fernandez and his mattress, All those things from life or those modern things he uses now. Appointment and responsibility went to our artist.

Juan C

Juan Carlos Fernandez, MARCA painter, handed over his work to Zidane.

On January 10, at Bernabeu, the author panicked: Discover his work before the model. It wasn’t that it was Zidane Wellington who stood up for Goya and they almost got blown away by the result, but there is always that fear of “what if…”.

The act was at Gate 0 in the Bernabeu. Figo appeared firstWho stood behind the bar to serve all that was asked of him. Then Ronaldo arrived, With his son and some friends.

Last to appear was Zidane, who was as stylish on the street as he was in a Glasgow shot. He discovered the painting and his happy face cleared all doubts. Juan Carlos did it.