May 17, 2022

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Real Madrid: The death of Francisco Gento: reactions from the world of football, live broadcast

Real Madrid: The death of Francisco Gento: reactions from the world of football, live broadcast

Real Madrid and the world of football are in mourning. On Tuesday morning, the white team announced Legendary Francisco Gento dies at the age of 88 One of the greatest figures in football history.

Paco Gento is The only player in football history to win 6 European Cups. He defended the white shirt between 1953 and 1971, and during his 18 seasons at Real Madrid he won 24 titles and scored 182 goals. was international with Spain national team 43 times.

Reactions to the death of Gento live

5:30 pm. Santillana: “Paco Gento was unique”

Carlos Santillana praised Paco Gento’s character, saying: “He was unique. I have never seen any player like this, ahead of time. Di Stefano asked him before the games if he was OK. If the answer is yes, then he knows that they will win the match. I will forever keep the five minutes I shared with him on the pitch.”

4:30 pm Florentino Pérez: “Defeat the madridista’s passion”

“He defended the Real Madrid shirt for 18 years and became one of the legends of our club and one of the legends of the club world football legends. The president emphasized that he was part of a generation of legendary players who changed the history of Real Madrid until it became the most famous club in the world.

4:00 pm. Manolin Bueno: “The best left winger in the world”

“I felt it so much” that he was deeply affected by the death of his former partner, Manolin Bueno, 81, told EFE. Both parties saw each other for the last time two years ago at Christmas, in Veteran’s food Real Madrid remembers.

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3:15 pm UEFA: “The Real Madrid character and legend”

As a leading left winger due to his fast football and low center of gravity, Gento came to Real Madrid from Royal Racing Club 1953 He achieved unprecedented success during the 18 seasons he spent in the Spanish capital,” said the organization that reviewed his career.

3 o’clock. Ramos: He wrote the club’s name forever

Sergio Ramos recalled Paco Gento’s personality on social media: “Unfortunately, we say goodbye to the honorary president of Real Madrid and the hearts of the Real Madrid fans. Achieve the greatest achievement And he wrote the name of the club in Europe forever. Today we say goodbye to our gratitude for meeting you and having fun with you. RIP, Paco Ginto”.

2:30 p.m. Villar: “Gento was simple, humble and wonderful”

Angel Maria Villar, former president of the Spanish Football Federation, recalls Paco Gento: “He is very dear to me, simple, humble, wonderful and an example. It was so nice to see how he played. I still remember the plays with Orúe, the marks he made and how he got up to the right post. It was unusual.”

2:00 pm: Revilla: “The best Spanish player in history”

Miguel Angel Revilla, President of Cantabria, expressed his sorrow at the death of Paco Gento, whom he considers “The friend, the citizen and the football legend. For me, if you can evaluate the player’s trajectory in terms of titles, he is the best Spanish player in history.”

1:45 p.m. Del Bosque: ‘He was an amazing guy’

“I have great appreciation for Paco, with whom I did not agree in the team, because when I arrived at Real Madrid (Plus Ultra), he had already finished his stage as a player. But we came across at the club, in Ciudad Deportiva, and in my opinion I think it was so best player “Real Madrid could not have had a better honorary president,” Del Bosque told Efe.

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1:30 pm. A small church on fire at the Bernabéu

The funeral chapel in memory of the late Paco Gento will be erected in the Presidential Fund at the Santiago Bernabéu for all fans who want to honor him. The schedule is today from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm and tomorrow from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.. There will be access enabled at Rue Rafael Salgado, the corner of Rue Padre Damien. The funeral will later take place in his hometown, Guarnizo (Cantabria), in the utmost privacy according to the express wish of the family.

12:40 pm Jose Luis Llorente: “Paco was a great man”

Jose Luis Llorente, Paco Gento’s nephew, was quoted on Radio Marca: “He was very introverted, very reserved and with the family very happy and very affectionate. We were so close to him. We loved raising the family clan, and I will remember him as a very affectionate uncle.”

12:30 pm. RFEF: “His character accompanied his legend”

The Spanish Football Federation has highlighted the “unwavering personal and professional values” of the player who defended the Spanish team’s shirt at 43 times, between 1955 and 1969. “Paku Ginto’s humble, friendly and supportive personality has always accompanied his legend.”

12:20pm Portugal: ‘His left foot was a delight’

Miguel Angel Portugal praised the look of a true Real Madrid legend: “Paco Gento, one of the greatest white legends, leaves us. The only winner in 6 European Cups. His demonic speed And we were glad to see his left foot for those of us kids. My deepest condolences to all his family and all Madridistas.”

12:00 noon. A minute’s silence for Gento in Valdebebas

Carlo Ancelotti relayed the news to the team: “This morning we received bad news about the death of one of the club’s legends: Paco Gento. He has played for 18 years at this club, winning 6 European Cups and 12 Leagues. We show our respect We stand a moment of silence in his memory.

11.50 a.m. Amancio: “The great captain is gone”

Amancio Amaro recalls Gentoo’s character on Radio Marca: “It’s been nine years with him, and a record like no other. A simple person leaves and an example. It was nice to be with him, he was a phenomenon. He was a lucky man who deserved everything he got. With his style, there are no players like him now.”

11:35 a.m. Perry: ‘Khento was our older brother’

Jose Martinez “Perry” was deeply impressed by MARCA Radio’s microphones: “Gento . was wise manFor me, the best in everything, as a player and as a person. He was our older brother and we watch his behavior. I got along with everyone.”

11.25 a.m.: COE: “Farewell to Legend”

The Spanish Olympic Committee praised Paco Gento’s career, saying: “It is a sad day for Spanish sport. We bid farewell to one of its legends. We will remember his struggles and successes And because you are a leader in the best competitions on the planet. See you always, Paco Gento. Always up to “Galerna del Cantábrico”.

11.15 a.m.: Pedro Sanchez: ‘An example of talent and dedication’

The head of government, Pedro Sanchez, referred to the figure of Paco Gento: “Spanish sport today remembers Paco Gento, Gallerna del Cantabrico, Liked and respected on and off the field. An example of talent and devotion for the national team and Real Madrid, he is the only footballer to win six European Cups. My love for his family and friends.”

11:00 am. FIFA remembers him as a historical figure

FIFA remembered Paco Gento as “one of the greatest historical figures of Real Madrid” and wanted to convey “its deepest condolences to his family and friends”. “His countless titles with Real Madrid His participation in the 1962 and 1966 World Cups will remain in the memory.

10.50 a.m. Michelle: “You won’t be able to leave as silently as you would like to live”

Jose Miguel Gonzalez Martín del Campo, “Michel”, Paco Gento mentioned in a moving message on social networks: “The Spanish football player who has been a standard for many generations and underappreciated. You will not be able to leave in silence like you love to live; I have You were so amazing that we remember you at the highest levels, both personal and football. world golden ball“.

10:39 a.m. Gentoo’s last ‘service’: Three more European Cups

Paco Gento took over from Alfredo Di Stefano in 2016 and became Honorary President from the white team. Thanks to his assumption of responsibility, Real Madrid added three more European Cups (2016, 2017 and 2018) to his track record of achievements.

10:27 am Gento’s last interview with MARCA

Honorary President of Real Madrid He served MARCA for nearly six years While it was his last interview with us. “I dream that I’m still playing”, He said Cantabrian Galena. Here you have the full talk with the video in which he reviewed his entire career.

10:20 a.m. The club he saw grow up saying goodbye

People, Boy Guarnizo (Cantabria), He fulfilled one of his childhood dreams For the first time in the first with the Racing de Santander in 1952-53, He scored two goals in 10 matches before his departure to Madrid. The club kicked him out like that.

10:13 am How did Paco Gento play?

Former player of real Madrid The Spanish team Paco Gento, had a successful career of 19 years (between 1952 and 1971) wearing the Racing de Santander colors In his first season, and later, he coined his white legend. Here you can see how he wiped them out on the lawn.

How did Paco Gento play?

10:06 a.m. Arbeloa says goodbye to Gento.

ex-real madrid player, Alvaro Arbeloa, he shared an emotional message on social networks to say goodbye to the white legend: “Someone who was so close and affectionate to all of us.”

9:58 am Official statement from Real Madrid

The white team announced the death of La Galerna del Cantábrico at the age of 88 through an official statement.