June 23, 2024

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Rehabilitation of Post-Covid Patients, a Priority for Health - Telekopankan

Rehabilitation of Post-Covid Patients, a Priority for Health – Telekopankan

In the middle of the epidemic, in the municipality of Quemado de Güines, the public health professionals attending the rehabilitation program did not stop, they were associated with active investigations in the areas of health, mass vaccination or care of incurable diseases, among other tasks. Only when the infection subsides does he have a new mission: the responsibility for the comprehensive rehabilitation of post-Covid patients rests largely with him.

To meet this challenge, the Rehabilitation Center in the municipality of Quemado de Güines includes 38 health professionals and technicians, highly trained professionals The challenge is to care for about 1,600 patients suffering in the territory from the consequences of the disease. According to the director of the municipal rehabilitation room, Ricardo Rodríguez Pomar, technicians whose purposes are to reduce the discomfort caused by the disease are already being trained through a combination of exercises and rehabilitation therapies, including fatigue, muscle weakness and limitations. For daily activities, the consequences that remain are derived from the virus.

The specialist also stressed the importance of convalescent patients attending the health care center to be evaluated by specialists and expert groups who can provide an accurate diagnosis. Likewise, he explained that there is a set of exercises that can be performed at home by patients who have developed pneumonia after illness, which, along with other dynamics, can positively affect the health of the population. Amidst the challenges posed by disease, not only does rehabilitation help reduce the use and abuse of certain medications, but rehabilitation greatly impacts patients’ quality of life.

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