June 28, 2022

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"I've received a lot of rejection from my team."

“I’ve received a lot of rejection from my team.”

Rebel Wilson She became one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood thanks to the epic “give the note”, Where she plays the role of “Fat Amy”. A name that the artist completely separated from after the weight loss process, which she described as the “Year of Health”, in which lost 35 kilos.

However, this weight loss did not look good for everyone, and the actress herself admitted through an interview with ‘BBC News’ That his team was against it because it could cause his career to collapse.

Your weight loss process

For his part, Rebel Wilson has always expressed his feeling good about his body, but decided to make changes in his life due to his poor eating habits and his relationship with food: “I’ve always had a lot of confidence and self-esteem for being a big girlI loved myself. but I knew deep down that I ate to deal with my feelings and that wasn’t healthy“.

Namely, this mental process of thinking was vital for the actress to take the step to undergo that extreme weight loss, which she resorted to food in stress stages: “I had a tub of ice cream every night to deal with stress and pressure“.

Bad reactions in your environment

As noted earlier, this weight loss that turned into better health didn’t do well in Hollywood and specifically in its environment. “I received a lot of rejection from my team, here in Hollywood when I said I would take a year to focus on my health, transform myself physically and mentally and change my life. They were like, why? Why do you want to do that?“. because I was making millions of dollars for being the “Funny Fat Woman.””, he admitted, accusing the position of his nearest circle.

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But despite all this, the Australian actress decided to ignore all those negative comments and do what’s best for her health. In addition, he left a message in his interview, in which he emphasized that he would prefer people to stop commenting on his weight and focus on his career successes.