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Remastering the legendary Blade: The Edge of Darkness already has a release date and you can try a demo on PC

Remastering the legendary Blade: The Edge of Darkness already has a release date and you can try a demo on PC

Blade: The Edge of Darkness, a 2001 Spanish game that advanced on soul frenzy as Dark Souls, returned to PC in October with a remaster.

Blade: Edge of Darkness It is a 20 year old cult game, True ancestor of “spirit-like” With intense and extremely challenging 3D action in a dark fantasy world full of cloak, sword and sorcery. It is also a Spanish game, from Rebel Act Studios, who will now get a new chance.

SNEG publisher will launch a file October 7 On PC (Steam and GOG) Remastered Blade: The Edge of Darkness (in other markets it was simply shortened to Blade of Darkness). You can now play the demo and Steam.

It’s the same game but with clean graphics and some improvements in interface texture or UI adapted for 4K screens, but Maintaining the brutal gameplay of 2001.

Blade: The Edge of Darkness has four playable heroes: Naglfar, Sargon, Zoe or Tukaram. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, but they all defend themselves with slashes that can maim enemies, and they can even use their limbs as weapons.

Rebel Act didn’t hang out with little girls, and She was an artistic marvel in her day. Many of the scene elements are destructible, there are physics-based puzzles, and light effects are the best you can do.

However, it was a commercial failure and Rebel Act Studios has gone bankrupt. Later, many of his employees founded other studios: Digital Legends and MercurySteam (These are from Metroid dread).

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Now you can play again this challenging and violent action game that was ten years before the “soul fever” that FromSoftware was famous for, after games like Evil spiritsAnd demon souls, The The long awaited Elden ring And many imitators.

Coinciding with its 20th anniversary, Jose Ralloy, one of the developers of the original Blade: The Edge of Darkness, who later went through Tequila and Mercury before becoming a teacher, Share some stories from the game, a wonderful piece of The history of the video game in Spain.

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