July 1, 2022

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Xbox Series X/S can now download updates in power saving mode

Xbox Series X/S can now download updates in power saving mode

As part of a much larger update to Xbox’s sustainability efforts, Microsoft She confirmed that her new generation of consoles, this is the Xbox Series S and X, Updates can be downloaded while in power saving modewho consumes a 20 times less energy From sleep or standby mode. This means that players no longer need to leave their devices in the last mentioned mode to download patches and updates, which helps to reduce consumption.

In addition, the power saving mode has been proven to be The default for all those who got one of their keyboards of the new generation. In other words, when we first start up the system, it is this energy saving that comes ‘from the factory’. Furthermore, Microsoft also announced that an improved power-monitoring system has been integrated into a small number of consoles to help conduct a study of how to implement power-saving improvements over time.

Energy saving is just the beginning

The person in charge of the Xbox is full of news, and he also confirmed it Incorporating more recycled resins into their products: “A minimum, 28% of the mechanical component plastic by weight in the updated Series S console is post-consumer recycled resin,” he explained. Dave McCarthyVice President of Xbox Operations. This topic has been rounded up knowing that Xbox has also converted its gift cards from plastic to cardboard, Reducing more than 500,000 kg of plastic annually.

Of course, the power saving mode that now allows us to download updates will allow an extension Greater luxury for all, despite the fact that it might not have been clearer earlier. Remember, on the other hand, that it’s been explained why some Xbox titles have been so popular lately infinite aura or gear 5 You will not get official support on Steam Deck (We advance a little: for traps).

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