June 28, 2022

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Hundreds of people have been evacuated due to heavy rains in New Zealand

This content was released on May 30, 2021 – 11:23

SYDNEY (Australia), May 30 (EFE) – New Zealand authorities have ordered hundreds of people to flee their homes in the southern island city of Waimagari as a result of heavy rains this Sunday. Two rivers.

Across the Canterbury area, home to about 645,000 people, there is a state of emergency in the area, and the New Zealand Herald newspaper reports that evacuation teams are preparing for 4,000 people.

The New Zealand Meteorological Agency has issued a “red alert” for heavy rains until Monday.

Many rivers overflow their banks, while others are on their shores, while many roads and bridges are partially destroyed by floods and strong currents.

A farmer had to be rescued by helicopter when a river suddenly rose and threatened to hit him.

A video released by the local station “Hoops on Air” shows the helicopter maneuvering to fly low above the water so that the farmer can catch the landing slide and climb on the device.

Authorities have not yet reported any injuries or deaths or disappearances. EFE

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