May 23, 2022

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Review: New Zealand 4-0 Fiji 2022 Qualifying Round in Qatar | 03/24/2022

15:48 15 days ago


12:59 18 days ago

90 ‘| Full time

The match ends at the Suhaim Bin Hamad Stadium. New Zealand beat Fiji 4-0. Havin’s men top the group with three points and one win

12:53 18 days ago

92 ‘| Louis Cole

Louis Cole. New Zealand goal. Hit the maximum penalty in the last minute of the match. The locals are going to take three points

12:51 18 days ago

91 ‘| Penalty for New Zealand

What sentence did the arbitrator award? Alam went out with an air ball and attacked the local attacker. Louis will throw …

12:33 18 days ago

73 ‘| Wood target

Front double. Wood target. He sowed himself to one another against the visiting goalkeeper and brilliantly defined himself. Three goals ahead

12:31 18 days ago

72 ‘| Just the target

New Zealand goal. Now he writes campus. Just catch the ball in that area and put it into the net

12:28 18 days ago

70 ‘| What a risk

Another chance for Wood. He cut, shot in the box and … the ball bounced over a defender. Ball to corner kick

12:24 18 days ago

63 ‘| The Barbaros have got it

My mom is the team’s best player. Wood opened the wing for Kirvan- the winger assisted Barbaross, who finished with a heel. The shot just failed

12:20 18 days ago

61 ‘| Wood auction

Again the giant of the area finished an aerial ball. He went upstairs. Another good opportunity for New Zealand. Fiji did not react

12:05 18 days ago

46 ‘| Start the second part

Start the last 45 minutes of the match. New Zealand won in no time. Fiji wants to get points in this match.

11:53 18 days ago

45 ‘| Break

Digoff match in Doha. New Zealand won by at least 1-0. Wood scored on the edge of the break

11:46 18 days ago

42 ‘| Try the locals

The New Zealand arrival target is approaching, but so far without luck. They are focused on the goal

11:23 18 days ago

17 ‘| Another from the tree

Very clear opportunity for local people. Tree again. The striker found a ball inside the area and sent it up. Follow 0-0

11:09 18 days ago

6 ‘| The tree has it

Fiji saved. Wood put a ball where it could. The shot went wide and was cleared by the visiting defender

11:01 18 days ago

0 ‘| The meeting begins

The second day of Group B of the World Cup qualifiers begins in Qatar. New Zealand and Fiji look for three points at the Suhaim Bin Hamad Stadium.

10:37 18 days ago

Fiji order

Cheritslav has chosen his eleven for this match. It will be the opening eleven: Alam, Konarao, Hughes, Krishna, Naidu, Nalapu, Raju, Sami, Deccan, Duiwuna and Varanasi.

10:37 18 days ago

New Zealand order

Danny Hay has already picked his starting eleven. It was created by: Sail, Barbaros, de Vries, Kirvan, Louis, Bijnaker, Reed, Smith, Stomenick, Wine and Wood

10:36 18 days ago

We already have queues

The match has less than thirty minutes to start and both coaches have already selected their starting line-up. First we go with people from New Zealand

10:21 18 days ago

Danny Hay

“Looking at Fiji, we know the quality they bring. They’ve been working together on a weekly basis for the last two years, so when they play the next night you can see that they are well organized, well trained and sometimes going to deliver real threats. ”

10:20 18 days ago

Another Group B match

In another Group B match, Papua New Guinea beat New Caledonia 1-0. The latter finished with ten players.

10:18 18 days ago

Group a

Group A to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Oceania was formed by the four nations: the Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands.

10:06 18 days ago

They are already on the field

Both teams recently arrived at the Suhaim Bin Hamad Stadium. Soon they will be doing warm-up exercises ready for the competition

10:05 18 days ago

We are already here

Hello again. We’re back here about the match between New Zealand and Fiji. Follow the online broadcast of this contest on VAVEL

19:05 18 days ago

Do not go from here to follow New Zealand vs Fiji Live

In a few minutes we will share the starting lines for New Zealand vs Fiji Live and the latest information on New Zealand. Do not miss any details of the match minute by minute and do it live online from VAVEL.

19:00 18 days ago

Possible Fiji sequence

Cheritslave could field this lineup in tomorrow’s game. Alam, Sami, Duiwuna, Decciat, Konorao, Raju, Varanaivalu, Kauilaki, Hughes, Krishna and Nalapu.

18:55 18 days ago

Possible New Zealand lineup

Danny Hay can line up this lineup in tomorrow’s game. Sail, Ingom, Reed, Boxall, Wilkins, Corbett, Howison, Barbagaus, Louise, Champnus and De Zhang.

18:50 18 days ago

Match Schedule

18:45 18 days ago

Where to look

The match between New Zealand vs Fiji can be viewed on the Oceania Federation YouTube channel and on the Pet 365 application, and can be followed on the official New Zealand page. Also, if you want to see it continue online, you can keep up to date with what’s going on in the competition and the updated result on VAVEL.

18:40 18 days ago

The last match between them

On March 28, 2017, the two teams met at the Suhaim Bin Hamad Stadium, where the local players won by two goals to zero. The match took place on the fourth day of the third round of the qualifying round for the Oceania World Cup. R. Thomas put New Zealand ahead in the 27th minute and R. Thomas’ second goal in the 69th minute of the second half. With this second goal of the game, New Zealand won by three points.

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18:35 18 days ago


The two teams have met 34 times before. In all, 26 matches ended in New Zealand’s victories, while Fiji won four and drew four. In the last five matches in which the rivals have faced each other, New Zealand have won all these matches, winning four of them by two goals in the light. Only on one occasion will he win at least.

18:30 18 days ago

B Group

New Zealand are second with three points. Locals are in Group B, which includes Fiji, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia. His opponent is in first place with the same points, but he is in the lead by scoring two goals in their previous match.

18:25 18 days ago

Fiji’s last match

For its part, Fiji got New Caledonia, where they won at least 1-2. The match marked Qatar’s start to qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. Wellness scored the first goal for the spectators in the 11th minute and they will go into the break with a win on the scoreboard. Both teams will score in the second half. With ten minutes to go, Vetria equalized with a goal. When everything seemed to end in a draw, the visiting team was going to take the lead with Nalabu’s goal. The forward scored the first three points for Fiji.

18:20 18 days ago

New Zealand’s last match

On the 1st day of the Oceania Qualifier for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, New Zealand played at the Suhaim Pim Hamad Stadium, where they beat Papua New Guinea, at least 0-1. The first half ended 0-0 in the light, with both failing to advance on the scoreboard. The only goal of the match will come in the second half. New Zealand scored all three points in the 75th minute when Vine scored.

18:15 18 days ago

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