May 27, 2022

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America launches bus service to three airports with a land line

America launches bus service to three airports with a land line

After United and Sun Country

RR | Miami | April 7, 2022

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American will make it easier for travelers to connect to airports with bus service, through the new alliance with the landline starting June 3. American is the third airline to offer this service, after United and Sun Country Airlines to other destinations.

American bus lines will be from Philadelphia International Airport and Lehigh International Airport in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey.

The new bus service will help customers in nearby areas connect to international flights from Philadelphia, said Brian Znutins, vice president of network planning for American.

“For far too long, travelers have been concerned about all the extra aspects of flying, including getting to and from the airport, parking, carrying their bags, and getting around security. Landline CEO David Sund explained.” Landline is proud to partner with American to make travel more efficient. Affordable and relaxed. Together with American, we are pleased to offer travelers a new level of comfort and luxury.”

United and Land Lines provide service between Denver International Airport, Fort Collins and Breckenridge. Sun Country Airlines and Landline serve seven markets in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

As mentioned REPORTUR.usGonzalo Chimes, Director of Operations for South America and Strategic Alliances for American Airlines, in an interview with REPORTUR.usexplained the importance of the Northeast Alliance (NEA) alliance with Jetblue, as they seek to challenge the dominance of Delta and United in the region, becoming New York’s third largest competitor. (US: NEA with Jetblue seeks to challenge Delta and United’s dominance.)

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Authorized by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) in 2020, the Northeast Alliance (NEA) aims to overcome the hurdles that every airline has historically faced to challenge Delta and United’s dominance in the region. Statement. Moment REPORTUR.usSchames.