January 19, 2022

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River celebrates the eternal Bernabeu Cup with its fans

River celebrates the eternal Bernabeu Cup with its fans

Members River Plate They celebrated Thursday at the legendary Buenos Aires Obelisk and the third anniversary of the historic final of the Copa Libertadores they won in 2018 by defeating Boca Juniors 3-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.

Millionaire supporters gathered at the Obelisk around 5:00 pm local time (8:00 pm GMT) in what they called the “Immortal Caravan” to celebrate the anniversary of one of the most famous games in the club’s history.

On December 9, 2018, River Plate, who drew 2-2 in the first leg at the Bombonera Stadium, became the champion of the Libertadores by defeating Boca Juniors 3-1 in the match held in Madrid due to the attack he suffered. The Xeneize players bus weeks ago when he was going to play a rematch at Monumental.

At night, fans gathered in Obelisco will move about 3.5 kilometers to Barrio Norte, where the former Millionaire’s Stadium was.

Starting at 8 pm local time, the club organized an official celebration, with free admission, in its stadium, Antonio Vespuccio Liberte, better known as the “Monumental”.

With more than 60,000 people, a show of music, lights and fireworks coexisted with a few speakers: Uruguayan coach Enzo Francescoli, coach Marcelo Gallardo and team references: Leonardo Ponzio, Jonatan Maidana, Enzo Perez and Javier Pinola.

Remember the “Millionaires” “doll” Gallardo

Millions of fans threw many applause, but without a doubt, the main applause was for the coach, who confirmed this Wednesday that he would stay at least another year in office due to the ravings and excitement of everyone River.

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“It seemed logical to me and it made sense that tomorrow’s celebration should be a fan celebration, as a fan deserves to celebrate it without waiting for any announcement. I want the people who are going to celebrate to do it peacefully,” the coach said after declaring his continuity.

The club also opened this week in its museum an exhibition of photographs hinting at that final. The exhibition includes photos taken by photographers Diego Halliasz, Marta Patricia Infante and Federico Peretti of the home and away matches and will be available for a month.

Millionaire Consecrated a few days ago, the league champion Argentina three days in advance.

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