May 27, 2022

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Robert De Niro in Buenos Aires: What series is he recording?

Robert De Niro in Buenos Aires: What series is he recording?


The Taxi Driver’s representative toured the Wennes neighborhood and the Museum of Fine Arts. Find out why he’s arriving in Argentina this week.

Robert De Niro visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina.
© GTRobert De Niro visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When a celebrity of enormity Robert De Niro Step on a city like Buenos Aires, memes and comments collapse social networks. However, not much is said about the real reason behind the actor taxi driver Exists in Argentina Along with local personalities who have become icons of streaming platforms. review in spoiler what Italian Serie A Which brought the famous artist to Latin America and when it was due the first show.

His arrival in Buenos Aires revolutionized his most loyal following and everyone wants to know exactly where Robert De Niro is. The truth is that this is not his first time in the city but his journey, as it turns out, has been limited to the various sites that make up the project. What is registered? A short series entitled Whichwho will arrive star +which will feature performances by Luis Brandoni and Guillermo Francilla.

Production is directed by Gaston Dobrat and Mariano CohenThe duo that premiered recently official contest Available from May 20 on Star + – with Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz and Oscar Martinez. This time around, they’ll tell a very different story: Manuel (Luis Brandoni) is a culinary critic who knew how to be honored for his work but is now in decline.

In this sense, Robert De Niro will give life to Vincent, the author of books on gastronomy who arrives in Buenos Aires to visit his friend Manuel. In this way, the characters surrounding the main duo played by Guillermo Francella, who launched praises at NetflixAnd Maria Rosa Fugazot, Silvia Kotica, Daniel Arruz, Gaston Cucciarrelli, Enrique Pinheiro, Mago Cabrera And a special share for the chefs Frances Mallmann and Narda Lips.

Although the release date is not confirmed at the moment, it can be confirmed with certainty that it will be released 2023 By Star + which, in principle, consists of Season 5 episodes. In this sense, the American actor who has already worked in Argentina for the film the mission (1986) in Mission County, returned to visit Museum of Fine Arts and revive Eleven, San Telmo and Puerto Madero.

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