June 21, 2024

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From cancer to Parkinson's disease, these are the serious health problems that Vladimir Putin suffers from |  international |  News

From cancer to Parkinson’s disease, these are the serious health problems that Vladimir Putin suffers from | international | News

Recent appearances of the Russian president, Russian President Vladimir Putin, caused rumors to spread about the deterioration of his health. The Russian government has so far denied the insistence of some international media and research centers that the president has Alzheimer’s disease. Parkinson’s disease and a type of cancer.

Newspaper the sun He gave an interview to political analyst and former Kremlin official Valery Solovy, confirming that The president suffers from Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

The second diagnosis is much more dangerous than the first, because Parkinson’s disease does not threaten physical fitness, but rather limits public appearance. But there is a fatal diagnosis.” the sun.

Newspaper the sun It publishes exclusively the statements of 62-year-old former Russian spy Boris Karbyshkov, who argues that even members of Putin’s inner circle They were not informed of their health condition To protect his “strong man” image.

The Russian, who now lives in the UK, said that Putin sees a lot of “traitors” around him and that His health is a “particularly sensitive issue”.

On the other hand, the Robert Lansing Research Institute confirmed in one of its articles that Putin’s health is rapidly deteriorating.

The think tank got information from rival lobbyists in the Kremlin, who claimed that in November 2020, the Russian president was going through a complex physical and mental health condition.

In mid-April the president He was seen trying to control a tremor in his right hand during a meeting with the Belarusian dictatorAlexander Lukashenko.

last weekend Putin was also seen hanging his right hand on the edge of the table.Which is an attempt to mask the tremors caused by neurodegenerative disease.

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The Lansing Research Center has documented photos of the president giving speeches “He is shown with his right arm lying casually on a music stand, and his left arm straight at his side.” (me)