August 8, 2022

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Robert Schwartzman climbs back into Ferrari F1 at Mugello

Robert Schwartzman climbs back into Ferrari F1 at Mugello

    Ferrari continues its ideal testing program for its drivers that is in the final step of Formula 1 and that 2022 focuses on Russian Robert Schwartzman, who other than not going into the original plan, the war struggle did not help him find a parallel plan and focused all his efforts on these tests.

    Schwartzman, no competition in 2022

    The venue chosen for a new test session was Circuit Mugello, which differs from the usual venue in Fiorano as well as Circuit Imola, which is also widely used by those from Maranello for these tasks. Robert, who has experience with the SF71H from the 2018 season, made his debut with a new, more modern vehicle, the SF21 driven by Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc last season.

    Although the regulations require these tests to be done with a vehicle from at least two previous seasons, the FIA ​​allows those from 2021 due to a major regulatory change the vehicles have gone through which makes it impossible to obtain any of the type of data that can currently be used with old foundation.

    The pilot’s activity focused on simulating qualifying relays and subsequent race relays, playing with different fuel loads until reaching 130 laps, which translates to 681 kilometres, the experience the pilot had accumulated on a very complex path to achieve a seat in Formula 1.

    Especially complicated after Ferrari pinned all its hopes on Mick Schumacher, putting him in Haas, and the Italian factory losing the control it seemed to have over Sauber or Alfa Romeo, which decided to hire Bottas and a sponsored driver before relying on Ferrari’s suggestions.

    uncertain future

    However, Ferrari still has confidence in Robert Schwartzman, who is competing this year for an Israeli license and will continue to put him to the test to prepare him for what could happen in the short term.

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