January 28, 2022

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Rodrigo Gonzalez compares Andrea Luna to Melissa Paredes, on "using the same dynamic"

Rodrigo Gonzalez compares Andrea Luna to Melissa Paredes, on “using the same dynamic”

Rodrigo Gonzalez referred to Andrea Luna’s accusations against Pietro Sibel. (Photo: Instagram)

Driver Rodrigo Gonzalez could not avoid referring to a statement from Andrea LoneA after accusation Pietro Sibel, who accused her of being unfaithful to Andrés Veze. As mentioned, the actress indicated that she was subjected to psychological and physical abuse by the actor from La Gran Sangre.

Although he tried to touch the subject with the tweezers, indicating that it was a strong and somewhat sensitive stance, he couldn’t say what he was thinking. Presenter Andrea Luna compared with Melissa Paredes, because for him, both used the same technique, accusing their former partners of mistreatment when they were accused of being unfaithful.

Very similar to Melissa Paredes, Rodrigo noted while reading Andrea’s statement. “Well, a strong accusation, a serious accusation, but you’ve realized lately that when an idiot finds out…”He completed.

Luna noted that he had a toxic relationship with Pietro Sibel in his statement, in which the driver asked him: “Ala, so the cure was Chaparte Andrés Wiese?”.

Gigi Mitri did not hesitate to intervene and point out that the artist was “Mix things up.”

“Give me a bullet, I gave you three trash”Rodrigo, who indicated that he agrees with his partner, replied. The presenter emphasized that what Andrea says does not put him in question, but why he says it while he is accused of treason.

After he said this he continued reading the statement. When he got to the part where he says he had evidence of mistreatment of Petro during his 7 years of relationship, Gonzalez noted: “What video library should you have, do your friends know? They are witnesses to abuse, they are accomplices. You better not put it because you leave it bad”, She said.

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“I don’t know if Andrea would have solid proof, I imagine she should have. If you didn’t have many days waiting for you in (Prison) Santa Monica. I mean, if he didn’t say you were unfaithful, would you still save him? Mature still puts it on, He lunged as he continued reading.

Remember the feminists, you think, but what does this have to do with here? He wondered after he finished reading the statement.

“What happens is that we say what we think, there’s a section of the population that says that’s why it’s happening, because they wonder. There are also a lot of people who use context to get ahead of people who want to move forward, and you can’t move forward with this backbone that’s Cares a lot about women, a lot of women take so much damage that they take that for themselves. I did. Walls back then. There might be a mind share, yeah, but they follow the same dynamics,” pointed out.

Andrea replied to Pietro Sibel.  (Photo: Facebook Capture)
Andrea replied to Pietro Sibel. (Photo: Facebook Capture)

Comparison with Melissa Pardes

Rodrigo Gonzalez noted that Andrea’s accusations are very strong, however, “But giving up on it at this moment is like what Paredes did, it’s the same thing as Paredes did, when he was with the dancer in the truck, it turns out Gato Cuba was the worst trash in the world and we didn’t even have to hear about it. Now Andrea, she uses the same technique and uses Feminism and that we should support each other and everything, when Recolas cast. Not my love, not like that, my dear‘, he finished.

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For her part, Gigi Mitri noted that she seems to have a somewhat sensitive situation, but it coincides with the use of double speech.

Andrea Luna and Pietro Sibel Smetan

Rodrigo Gonzalez also referred to the alleged abuse of which Andrea was a victim from Petro, noting that they appeared to be two toxic people, due to the way one referred to the other.

In his opinion, they based their relationship, not on love, but on how to destroy each other. “We don’t know which is more or less, what we see there are some poisons”, Highlight the presenter.

While Gigi said: “It seems to me that it is unfair for a woman to bear 7 years,” Noting that, based on Andrea’s statement, the actress endured everything that was described, it was because she was also mistaken, “It’s a disease.”

“There is less than there is love, for me”The host of Amore y Fuego confirmed.